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Defense against unjustified claims for damages

If you should ever be confronted with a demand for a (large) sum of money, even though you were not to blame for the damage, your private liability insurance will help you fend off these claims. If necessary, she will also represent you in court.


Your insurance coverage, your needs: for many of our products we offer you add-ons in the form of individual additional insurance with which you can expand your protection.

General Insurance Conditions

Anyone can make big speeches, which is why everything is again in black and white in the general insurance conditions. There you will find everything you want to know, such as what benefits you will receive or what rights you have in the event of damage.


If you drop something heavy on someone's foot, "Ouch" is the sound you will hear. In this case, your private liability cover from Coya insures you against the financial claims of the injured party.

Adjustment of the contribution

Once a year we check whether your contribution needs to be increased or decreased. Of course, we don't do this with the thumbs-up, but based on transparent, legal principles. For you that means: always fair prices.

Duty to notify in the event of damage

In the event of damage, teamwork is required: You have what is known as a reporting obligation and you have to report the damage as soon as you notice it. For example, depending on the incident, it may be necessary to inform the police.

No claims bonus

For a calendar year without a claim, you will receive a bonus of 5% of your paid annual fee. If you don't know what to do with the money, we'd be happy to donate it to charities on your behalf.

Condition guarantees

This guarantees you when concluding the contract that your contract conditions at least comply with the current model conditions of the Gesamtverband der Deutschen Versicherungswirtschaft e. V. (GDV).


This is the amount you pay monthly or annually for your insurance coverage.

Premium refund

At Coya you can cancel on a daily basis while paying your contributions monthly or annually. If you should cancel your insurance cover before the end of a full month or a full calendar year, we will reimburse you for the remaining premium on the exact day using your chosen payment method.


In the insurance sector, this means all persons who are entitled to receive the benefits (from the insurance contract concluded) in the event of a claim.


You are transporting your vintage chest of drawers in the subway and suddenly: Crash! The beautiful part flies through the wagon when braking. We cover the damage incurred, because the Coya household contents insurance also protects your furniture during transport if it is destroyed or damaged by an accident with the means of transport (motor vehicle, public transport).


So that you always have complete control over your insurance, we have set up a dashboard with all the important information about your active and interesting insurance policies. There you can add additions to existing products, buy new insurance and report damage.

Coverage Restrictions

There are damage or causes of damage that cannot be insured as standard. This includes, for example, damage that was intentionally caused.


By "third parties" we mean people who are not insured under your contract. For example, this could be people who are making claims for damages against you or a co-insured person.

Penetrating rainfall

Penetrating precipitation includes rain, hail, snow, or dirt that has made its way through an opening to your favorite things. It is important that the opening was caused by a storm or hail.

Compensation limit

You should pay attention to this word, as different amounts of compensation are paid out for certain cases of damage. We therefore advise you to read the insurance conditions carefully.

Initial contribution

Your insurance cover only officially begins when you have paid the initial premium and received it. In the case of direct debit, it depends on whether your insurer was able to collect the amount at the agreed time and you have not lodged an objection.

Family tariff

You can also insure your loved ones in the family tariff. These include Spouses, partners and roommates. Please note that damage that occurs between the insured persons is not covered, with the exception of personal injury.


Depending on the tariff selected, fire damage includes these variants: scorching and scorching damage, smoke and soot damage as well as useful heat damage, but also the costs for extinguishing operations by the fire brigade. But it is better to always double check whether the stove or the candle on the dining table is really off before you leave the room.

Bad debt coverage

What actually happens if someone has caused you damage and cannot pay for the damage? In this case, we won't leave you out in the rain: The bad debt cover means that the benefits of your liability insurance are applied in reverse. The person who caused the damage would be insured with your contract, so to speak, so that the damage is covered by the insurance. In our personal liability insurance, this even applies to damage that someone has caused you intentionally.

Exemption from legitimate liability for damages

Obligations to pay damages always arise if you have just screwed something up (we all know it!) And someone has suffered damage (negligently) because of you. It is precisely for such cases that you need private liability insurance (of course that from Coya), otherwise it can quickly become expensive. The exemption means that we "release" you from these claims for damages by taking them over.

Voluntary insurance

In Germany, for example, you have to have statutory health insurance, and you can also continue to be insured voluntarily (example: supplementary dental insurance). Due to the individual living conditions with individual risks, it can make sense to take out additional insurance.

Foreign property

With household contents insurance, you can not only insure your favorite items, but also those of your guests. So if someone has left something on you or you have borrowed something from a friend, these things are also insured in the event of damage (for example in the event of a house fire) as well as your own.

If you accidentally (unintentionally) destroy someone else's property, i.e. the property of other people (not your own), this damage is insured through your personal liability insurance.


If you're helping your friends move again or just watering their flowers, then you've done them a favor. It is important that the assistance is unpaid.


The scope determines the geographical area in which your insurance cover exists.

Common value

The so-called common value in insurance German means nothing else than the sales price that you can achieve. For example, if your defective washing machine was finally destroyed by a fire, you would receive the potential sales price (before the fire) as compensation.

Statutory liability

Statutory liability stipulates that you pay the full amount for the damage you cause. If you are insured with Coya, we will do our best so that you don't have to.

Assistance to victims of violence

Aid for victims of violence is financial support for people who were victims of an act of violence, who suffered physical damage as a result and who were insured at the time.

Broken glass

Personal liability insurance also protects you in the event of glass breakage. If you want to go to grandma’s showcase and you destroy or damage the glazing by breaking (breaking) or should lose it in whatever way, this is covered. Important to know: not all glass is created equal. Glasses, for example, are excluded.

Gross negligence

If you caused damage due to carelessness (or clumsiness), i.e. if you should have expected the damage, you have acted grossly negligent.

Group insurance

A classic example of what is known as group insurance is family insurance. They insure several people under one contract, so that each family member does not have to take out insurance individually. Of course, this also has another advantage: Because that gives the insurer, among other things. Saved administrative costs, this can lead to lower contributions for you.

Household items

Household contents insurance insures your household effects - the only question is what it all includes. Household items are all things in your household that are for private use. From the "shabby chic" chest of drawers to washing machines and televisions to jewelry and clothing, everything is covered.


With household contents insurance, you are insured against damage caused by hail as standard. It is important that your belongings are on the insured property, i.e. your home (depending on the tariff, this includes balconies, loggias, terraces or the garden). Everything that is outside the insured property is usually not covered.

Innovation guarantee

As soon as conditions that affect your contract are changed solely for the benefit of the policyholder (that's you), the improved conditions immediately apply to you as well. However, this only applies if the contribution to the tariff remains the same.


Benefits determine exactly what you can expect from your insurer in the event of a claim. You can find the respective benefits in your insurance conditions.

Performance guarantee

A performance guarantee guarantees you the best insurance on the market at all times. In the event that other insurers offer better conditions, the benefits will be adjusted upwards in the event of a claim and, if necessary, the compensation limit will be increased. The performance guarantee is somewhat different depending on the insurance product.

Maximum contract duration

There is a maximum contract duration for certain cases, for example for bicycle insurance. With us you can insure your new bike in our independent bike theft insurance for up to five years (does not apply to the bike theft protection in the Coya household contents insurance).

Multiple insurance

Multiple insurance exists if, for example, you have taken out several household contents insurances with different insurers and the added sum insured (this is the maximum amount that can be paid out) is higher than the damage incurred.

Co-insured persons

The world is there to be shared. That's why you can also insure your loved ones in many insurance policies such as Coya personal liability insurance or household contents insurance. In general, the following applies: People who are also covered by your insurance amount are referred to as co-insured persons.

Rental property damage

Damage to rented property is damage to rented, borrowed, leased or leased property as well as damage to furnishings in holiday accommodation. So if you live in a rented apartment and a falling vase destroys a floor tile, this damage would be covered by personal liability.

Substitution in kind

In the event of a total write-off (if a repair is no longer possible), the replacement in kind assures you of items with the same quality and characteristics.

Wetness damage

Damage from moisture is caused by tap water that has leaked improperly. These include the classic pipe damage, but also the unpredictable leakage of water in aquariums, water beds and, if you should have something like that, indoor fountains.

New value

In the insurance world a distinction is made among other things. between current value and new value. The new value is the sum that is necessary to purchase an item with the same quality and property features. So if your laptop is stolen from your apartment in the event of a break-in, the home contents insurance will reimburse you for the amount you need so that you can buy the laptop again (regardless of whether you bought it new or used). Because: With household contents insurance, all your belongings are always insured at new value.


Ultimately, the premium is nothing more than the insurance premium that you pay to your insurer in order to be able to live your life stress-free. You can pay it monthly or annually at Coya. Easy!


No, the insurance policy is not a police force, patrols. The document (also known as a "certificate" in the old language) that confirms that you have concluded an insurance contract is called a policy, also known as an insurance policy. At Coya you will receive it by email along with the rest of your documents. This relieves the environment and you can access it online at any time via your Coya customer account. If you want, you can of course print out the document from your computer at home.

Personal liability

If you just screw something up (happens to all of us!) Or have just been hit by bad luck, then hopefully you have personal liability insurance. It protects you and your loved ones from claims for damages against third parties (people who are not covered by your insurance amount). In this way, for example, accidentally destroyed laptops are replaced by others, but compensation for pain and suffering is also paid in the event of accidents caused by fault.

Examination of the liability issue

Before you pay anything, it must first be clarified whether you have to be liable for it at all. A private liability insurance will take care of that for you.


No risk, no fun! If that's your motto too, then you definitely need insurance. Because that is exactly our job at Coya: to protect yourself from your everyday risks. Live your life to the fullest (not literally, of course), we'll take care of the rest!

Waiver of recourse

In this way, an insurer waives any rights of recourse against family members in the event of a claim. An example: you and your brother own half a house. Suddenly a brick falls on a third person and injures them. The insurance will cover the entire damage for you. Since your brother is also the owner, he must also be liable. The insurance company would have the right to claim half the damage from your brother. In order to preserve the house blessing, Coya waives the right of recourse.

Travel insurance

No matter whether you are on a self-discovery course in India, want to try Southeast Asian street food or dance on tables in Spain - travel insurance protects you from the risks you might encounter when conquering the world. Travel cancellation insurance and international health insurance are the classics.


Believe it or not, insurance companies also need to be insured. In the unlikely event that all of the cellars are suddenly under water, it can quickly become very expensive for us. That is why, like any insurance company, we also work with a reinsurer.

Damage report

In the event of a claim, it is important that you notify your insurer as quickly and in detail as possible. There are different conditions depending on the insurance.

Mitigation and assistance

In order to be able to secure your everyday life in the future, it is important that you help to reduce damage. What exactly you have to do depends on the damage. You can find more about this in your insurance conditions.

Locksmith in an emergency

The classic: If you should not come into your own four walls because you left the key on the kitchen table when you left the apartment, a locksmith will usually be organized. In such a case, you can contact our emergency hotline via our household contents insurance - we will then organize the locksmith service for you and pay for it. Any costs incurred, such as the installation of a temporary lock, will then be covered.

Serial damage

In case you're wondering, this is not about the negative effects of your Netflix use. Serial damage means damage that is temporally related and has the same cause.


Subsidi ... what? We feel you! It can happen that you have several insurances that cover the same damage and that their benefits overlap at that point.If exactly the damage occurs, the question arises: Which insurance is paying now? For this, insurance companies have a so-called subsidiarity clause in their conditions, which says that in this case they will not pay for the damage, but the other insurance. If both of them have this clause, they shall i share. d. Usually the cost.


Many insurance companies have a deductible (e.g. up to 250 euros or 500 euros), i.e. an amount that you have to pay yourself in the event of a claim. There is no such thing at Coya!

Beauty damage

Something big doesn't have to break in order to qualify as insurable damage. Even minor cosmetic damage is a nuisance and can be insured. A basic distinction is made between new value, replacement in kind and reduced value. We also explain these terms in the glossary.

Total loss

A total write-off exists if, for example, you lose your bike due to theft, burglary or robbery. Normally in this (super annoying) case you will be reimbursed the costs for a new bike of the same type and quality (new value).

livestock farming

We all know: If your hamster hits the barricades again and causes damage to others, you are covered by personal liability insurance. This also applies to other tame pets and small animals, such as cats and birds. An extra liability insurance is required for dogs and horses.

Accident insurance

Accidents happen. You can usually laugh about the smaller ones, but what do you do in the event of a major accident? Accident insurance protects you from the financial consequences of an accident. This includes, for example, accident transport, care assistance, medical rehabilitation, etc. No scenarios that one would like to deal with - but better safe than sorry.


In order to take out household insurance, you need to determine an amount insured. The amount of your contribution depends on how high it is. You are overinsured as soon as you find out that the value of your insured property is less than the sum insured. So that you don't pay too much, Coya gives you the option to adjust your sum insured at any time.

Financial loss

If there are costs for another person, for example because you have parked them, they missed their flight and have to buy new tickets, you have caused financial loss. Oops!


What is insurance actually for? Some call it bad luck, others call it karma. We call it: if-case. If a storm destroys your roof and rain destroys your belongings, if you (unintentionally) spill water on a friend's laptop or if your dog tears up the sofa in the vacation apartment, you need insurance if you don't want to be left with the costs yourself. In short: insurance protects you from unforeseen financial burdens.

Parts belonging to its function

You love your bike more than anything. Every single part. That is why all parts that are permanently connected to your bike and contribute to its function (battery, saddle, handlebars, lamps, etc.) are also insured. Security lock and GPS tracker are also insured, provided that you specified them when concluding the contract.