Traditions are fun


It is a tradition for us to put candles on birthday cakes. There are always as many as the birthday child is old. If it can blow out all the candles at once, it should bring good luck.

Tradition means doing something that people did before. The word comes from Latin. One can translate it roughly as handing over or transmission. So you pass on thoughts or something like that.

Culture and religion are often about tradition. If Christians celebrate Christmas because they have done it before, then that is tradition. Another example is that many people clink glasses when they drink together. Many birthdays have a cake with as many candles as the birthday child is old. People want to drive away the winter with many traditions, mostly with fire. One example of this is the “hut burning”. Piles of wood or straw are set on fire, usually also a cross made of wood that is wrapped in straw. This tradition exists in the Eifel. In Zurich, a doll is burned on Sechseläuten. It is made of paper and is filled with gunshots.

If something is tradition, people like to call it a custom. The customs and traditions are often different from area to area. They are then typical or special for the area. Lived tradition also means folklore. Two sciences which study and compare customs are folklore and ethnology.

What do people think of traditions?

These people dressed like Roman soldiers. But that is not tradition: there have not been continuous Roman soldiers. It took a long time for people to put on clothes like this again for fun. An English word for it is "reenactment".

Some people find tradition bad. They remember that little changes in life. If everyone just keeps doing what was done before, then there is no progress. Society is not getting better. In addition, all people should be allowed to do what they think is right and what they like. You shouldn't have to do something just because your grandparents did it.

Other people like traditions and consciously do something because it is very old. For example, there are people who maintain an old windmill. Today it is much easier to grind flour with a machine. But the windmill fans think it's nice when the windmill wheels are still turning.

  • “Hüttenbrennen” in the Eifel to drive away the winter.

  • The St. Gallen Children's Festival has been around for around 200 years.

  • On May 1st in Vienna: This day is a public holiday in many countries, Labor Day.

  • Dragon boat races are a tradition in China.

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