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Wild rocky mountains
Wotan, Brünnhilde as Valkyrie, later Fricka
(In the background the ravine runs up from below, which opens onto a raised rocky yoke; from this the ground sinks down again towards the foreground. Wotan, armed warlike, with the spear; in front of him Brünnhilde, as Valkyrie, also in full Armor)
[1] Now bridle your horse, traveling maiden!
A fervent quarrel soon breaks out:
Brünnhilde rush to fight,
to the Wälsung they grieve victory!
Hunding choose who he belongs to;
after Valhalla he is no good to me.
So sprightly and quickly, ride to the whale!
(cheering from rock to rock, jumping up the hill to the right)
[2] Hojotoho! Hojotoho!
Hey! Hey! Hojotoho! Hey!
(She stops on a high crag, looks down into the rear gorge and calls back to Wotan)
I advise you, father, prepare yourself;
you shall withstand a hard storm.
Fricka approaches, your wife,
in the wagon with the team of rams.
Hey! How the golden scourge wields it!
The poor animals groan with fear;
the wheels rattle wildly;
angry she goes to quarrel!
I don't like to argue in such an ostrich,
I also love brave men's battle!
So see how you stand the storm:
I'm funny let you down!
Hojotoho! Hojotoho!
Hey! Hey!
(Brünnhilde disappears to the side behind the mountain height. Fricka arrives from the ravine on the Felsjoche in a carriage hauled by two rams, where she quickly stops and gets out. She strides violently in the foreground towards Wotan)
(Fricka walking towards herself, looking for herself)
[3] The old storm, the old toil!
But I have to stop here!
(the closer she gets, the more she moderates her pace and stands with dignity to Wotan)
Where in the mountains you hide yourself
to escape the wife's gaze,
lonely here I look for you
that you promised me help.
What Fricka cares about, she announces freely.
I heard Hunding's distress
he called me for revenge:
the marriage guardian heard him,
promised to severely punish the act
of the cheeky wicked couple,
that boldly offended the husband.
What so bad did the couple create
was that lovingly united by Lenz?
She was delighted by the magic of love:
who atone for my love for power?
How foolish and deaf you pretend
as if you did not know
that for the holy oath of marriage,
the badly offended, I complain!
I respect the oath unholy,
the unloving unites;
and I really don't feel like
that with compulsion I hold what is not liable to you:
because where bold forces stir,
I openly advise war.
Do you honor the breach of marriage,
so keep bragging and praising it holy,
that incest will blossom
the union of a pair of twins!
My heart shudders, my brain is dizzy:
the sister embraced the brother in a nuptial manner!
When was it experienced
that siblings physically loved each other?
You saw it today!
So experience what comes naturally,
it had never happened before either.
That they love each other shines brightly on you;
so listen to honest advice:
Should sweet lust be worth your blessing,
so bless, laughing of love,
Siegmund's and Sieglinde's covenant!
(breaking out in the greatest indignation)
[4] So it is over with the eternal gods,
since you fathered the wild Wälsungen?
I say it out; - did I hit the mark?
Nothing applies to you, the noble holy clan;
you throw everything that you once respected;
break the bonds that even you tied,
laughingly release heaven's detention: -
that only prevail as you please
this wicked pair of twins,
your unfaithful unfaithful fruit!
Oh, what do I complain about marriage and oath,
since first you harm them yourself!
You always consume your faithful wife;
where a depth, where a height
your gaze peered lasciviously,
how you gain pleasure in change
and sneering hurt my heart.
I had to endure it with a sad mind,
Did you go to battle with the bad girls
the wild love bond gave you:
because you still shy away from your wife
that the Valkyries host
and Brünnhilde herself, the bride of your wish,
in obedience to the mistress you gave.
But now that you have new
Names liked,
when you wandered around in the forest when you were wolfish in the woods;
now that too lowest
Shame you bowed,
common people to produce a pair:
now the she-wolf's litter
throw your wife at your feet!
So do it! Fill the measure!
Let the betrayed also be trodden down!
You learned nothing, if I wanted to teach you
what you can never see
eh 'did not endure the deed.
You may understand what is always familiar:
but what has never met
this is what my mind seeks.
Hear one! A hero is in need
who, without divine protection,
free yourself from the law of gods.
This is the only way he is good at working the deed
who, how much they need the gods,
forbade God to work.
In a deep sense you want to deceive me:
what noble should heroes ever work,
that their gods would be denied,
whose favor only works in them?
you do not respect your own courage?
Who breathed it into people?
Who brightened the stupid eyes?
In your protection they seem strong
through your sting they strive:
you only irritate her
who praise me forever,
You want to lie to me with a new trick
through new schemes
escape me now;
but you won't win this Wälsung:
in him I only meet you,
because through you alone he defies.
In wild suffering he grew himself:
my protection never shielded him.
So don't protect him today either!
Take from him the sword that you gave him!
The sword?
Yes the sword
the magic twitching sword,
that you gave to God the Son.
Siegmund won it
(with quake suppressed)
even in need.
(From here on, Wotan's whole attitude expresses an ever-growing, uncanny, deep displeasure)
(eagerly continuing)
You created him the hardship,
like the jealous sword.
Do you want to deceive me
follow you day and night on your heels?
For him you thrust the sword into the trunk,
you promised him the noble defense:
do you want to deny it
that only your ruse
lured him where he could find it?
(Wotan starts up with a grim gesture)
(always safer, because it preserves the impression it made on Wotan)
Nobody quarrels with unfree people,
only the free punishes the wicked.
Against your strength
I guess I'm at war:
but Siegmund fell to me as a servant!
(Wotan's new violent gesture, then sinking into the feeling of his powerlessness)
Who is subservient to you as masters
shall your eternal husband obey him?
Shall the lowest revile me in disgrace,
to the spur of the cheeky,
to ridicule the outdoors?
My husband can't want that
he does not desecrate the goddess like that!
[5] What do you demand?
Let go of the Wälsung!
(in a hushed voice)
He goes his way.
But you don't protect him
when the avenger calls him to battle!
I am not protecting him.
Look me in the eye, do not deceive:
the Valkyrie turned from him too!
The Valkyrie rule free.
Oh no; she accomplishes your will alone:
forbid Siegmund's victory!
(breaking out in a violent inner struggle)
I cannot cut him down: he found my sword!
Remove the magic from it, bend it from the servant!
The enemy looks at him defenselessly!
(You can hear Brünnhilde from above)
Hey! Hey! Hojotoho!
There comes your daring maiden;
so she chases with exultation.
(dull to himself)
I called her to horse for Siegmund!
(Brünnhilde appears with her horse on the rock path on the right. When she sees Fricka, she breaks off quickly and leads her horse quietly and slowly down the rock path during what follows: there she hides it in a cave)
[6] Holy honor to your eternal wife
shield your shield today!
Laughed by men, lost power
we gods perished:
today would not be noble and glorious my right
avenged by the brave maiden.
The Wälsung falls to my honor:
Did I take the oath from Wotan?
(throwing himself on a rock seat in terrible displeasure and inward rage)
Take the oath!
(Fricka shouts at the background: there she meets Brünnhilde and stops in front of her for a moment)
(to Brünnhilde)
Army father awaits you:
let him announce to you how the lot he has drawn!
(She gets in the car and drives away quickly)
(Brünnhilde, with a worried expression, steps in astonishment before Wotan, who, leaning back on the rock seat, his head resting on his hand, is sunk in dark brooding)