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Baldwin - good or bad pianos and grand pianos?

When looking for a piano or grand piano, especially in the United States, you can find Baldwin instruments. If you are wondering whether they are upright pianos or grand pianos that deserve attention, here are some facts about their history, quality and models.

The Baldwin brand was introduced by Dwight Hamilton Baldwin, an American violin and organ teacher who ran his music business in Cincinnati, Ohio, which was then the largest piano dealer in the American Midwest. Over time, Baldwin wanted to make his own quality instruments, starting with the upright piano, which was available from 1891, and four years later adding a grand piano in collaboration with John Macy, which was sold in Cincinnati. Unfortunately, Dwight Hamilton Baldwin dies a year later and his grand piano was posthumously awarded the Grand Prix of the Paris Exhibition, which also makes the brand recognized among the piano manufacturers who offer them to concert artists. From 1901, Lucien Wulsin, who had previously worked with Baldwin, took over the management of Baldwin and soon after began exporting Baldwin pianos and grand pianos to 32 countries around the world, the quality of these instruments being appreciated in London again this time. The factory weathered a major crisis, and it was also used to manufacture aircraft components during World War II. Lucien Wulsin was followed by his son and grandson, who continued the Baldwin factory. The Baldwin brand is valued by many composers, pianists and also by the American President Harry Truman.

In 2001, Baldwin was acquired by Gibson Guitar Corp. of Nashville, Tennessee. Since 2006, Baldwin's production has been in a Chinese factory opened by Gibson. North American Music has been the exclusive distributor for American Baldwin pianos since 2011.

What piano models does Baldwin offer?

Like other piano manufacturers, Baldwin offers pianos in various designs, not only in black with a high-gloss finish, but also in walnut, mahogany or cherry wood. Prices for new Baldwin pianos range from nearly $ 10,000 to a little over $ 14,000, depending on the style and model of the piano. Available models of Baldwin pianos are BP1, B342, B442, B243, studio pianos BP3, BP5, BPX5 and concert piano B252. Second-hand pianos are also available, especially on the American market, so that even people with a smaller budget have the opportunity to enjoy the quality of these renowned instruments. Baldwin also offers a range of decorative pianos with a so-called console, which are exactly two models: Baldwin B342 Acrosonic and Baldwin B442 Acrosonic.

Should I Buy a Baldwin Grand Piano?

The Baldwin factory also offers beautifully designed grand pianos, which with their artistic values ​​are sure to please lovers of the American swing. Without a doubt, Baldwin grand pianos are among the best-selling in the United States. The smallest of the grand pianos from this brand is the Model M, which is 5'2 "or 158 cm long. The Artist Grand Model R is also available, 173 cm long and the same dimensions, the Artist Grand Model 227 and the Artist Grand Model 226. Another available model is the Artist Grand Model L, which has a stronger sound than its predecessors as the 6'3 "is tall and up to 191 cm long. Baldwin also offers the 213 cm semi-concerto Artist Grand Model SF10, which is 7 'long, and the 9' long Artist Grand Model SD10, which is identical in size to Steinway D.

You can also find Baldwin pianos and grand pianos in the aftermarket, mostly in the US, as this brand is very popular there and they are sold at much lower prices than the new instruments from this manufacturer. We advise you to look carefully at the offers, and those who choose among the offers from private sellers and professional sellers, we will tend to shop in stores where you can also meet specialists who will draw your attention to how much a particular one is Baldwin is worth and what history or serial number it has that offer professional service such as tuning or minor repairs that a particular instrument requires.