Why do animals stink

Do ferrets really smell? Find out here

Whether ferrets stink is a question that can be crucial for potential owners. Here you can find out what smell the animals have, what the male rucksack is all about and when the ferret's anal glands really get going, you can find out here.

Ferret's own odor

Ferrets, like all living things, have their own odor. This is usually compared to the smell of game or beeswax. The question of whether ferrets smell depends on the personal preferences of each individual: some find the smell pleasant, others as annoying.

On the other hand, there is agreement that the smell of male ferrets during the satchel is almost unbearable. It is therefore customary to castrate the males before the first satchel, which occurs in the first spring after birth.

Special case of anal glands

However, the widespread opinion that ferrets smell is no coincidence: like all madder-like ferrets, ferrets also have anal glands that secrete a smelly secretion in stressful situations. The smell of the secretion is unique for each animal and is used to mark the territory. Since the secretion is an important means of communication, surgical removal of the anal glands is prohibited according to the Animal Welfare Act.

Even with complete relaxation, for example during sleep, it can happen that the ferret's anal gland secretes secretions. When the windows are open, the stench usually dissipates in a few minutes. However, if some of the secretion gets onto textiles, such as a blanket or clothing, it will stick to it.