What is automation in the software industry


Evolution & Revolution

We live in the age of the software revolution. The technology carousel turns at breathtaking speed. What is standard today was unthinkable 5 years ago. At the same time, the performance of modern software tools is at an unprecedented level. But what does that mean for automation? For an industry in which continuity and stability are of central importance? Can this area afford to do without state-of-the-art software architecture in the long term? And above all: what potential do these technologies offer, especially in the field of industrial automation and engineering?

A video on your cell phone? Standardized data exchange, and that worldwide? 3D visualization? Animations? Just a few examples, but they show what is standard in large parts of the IT world today. And in the automation industry? Of course, every industry has its own story. And as a consequence of this: their legacy issues. We have combined our many years of know-how from various industrial automation projects with the latest standard technologies in the software industry.

The result?

  • highest performance and stability
  • Standardized data exchange
  • High availability
  • significant reduction in the engineering component

We call this evolution, to some it may seem like revolution.

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