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"It was frustrating": Varys cast disappointed with the Game of Thrones finale

Conleth Hill plays the slick and deceitful eunuch Varys in 8 years of Game of Thrones. However, what became of his role in the last few seasons disappointed him.

Warning, Game of Thrones Season 8 spoilers: In the final episode of Game of Thrones, the eunuch and master spy found Varys as predicted by Melisandre and as promised by Daenerys as a traitor his fiery end.

The master of the whisperers had planned, the dragon queen, which he had risked so much to supportto betray behind her back for Jon Snow (Kit Harington). Varys actor Conleth Hill has been developing his role over the past few seasons meanwhile not satisfied at all.

Varys actor Conleth Hill on the last seasons of Game of Thrones

Whatever you think of the logic behind Varys' actions, his death by the flames was foreseeable early. Why he was betraying the queen, for whom he conspired so much, for someone he barely knew - that probably had to do with her to do strange intermingling between series and book in the Varys case.

Conleth Hill, on the other hand, was according to CinemaBlend heartbroken over the death of his figurebecause he was not properly prepared for it. He would have loved to play through to the end of the series. But the actor also has a general criticism of how his character appears in the last two very cramped seasons of Game of Thrones was treated. In his opinion it was Varys was pushed too much into the background and hardly featured.

Too few Varys in Game of Thrones

Where was the conclusion between Varys and Littlefinger?

Indeed it has Varys' presence decreased significantly in the 7th and 8th seasons, although in contrast to the books (in which he simply disappears for a while) he got additional scenes. In addition, Hill was sad to have acted in his role as Varys in only a few of the terrific scenes in Game of Thrones. There was one thing he was missing in particular - a final scene with little finger:

I was very depressednot to have a final scene with [little finger]. I was depressed, no response to his death to have when he was my opponent (...)
It was very frustrating. Overall, they have been positive and incredibly brilliant, but I think the last couple of seasons just weren't my favorites.

The questionable character development in Game of Thrones

The last good Varys scenes with Tyrion?

Hill believes that Varys has had little time to develop his character over the last two seasons. The last, particularly appealing scenes are in this regard the travel sequences with Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage) been in the 5th season.

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With his opinion on Development of the characters in the 8th season Meanwhile, Game of Thrones is not alone with Conleth Hill. The actresses Lena Headey and Emilia Clarke also commented mixed feelings about their characters. Especially for Daenerys it will be in the 6th and final Game of Thrones episode of the 8th season

interesting now.

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