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Twitter is expanding successfully: This is how German companies use the channel

The Twitter platform has a strong external impact: the media regularly pick up tweets and quote and disseminate them outside the platform. For content marketing, Twitter is an important channel for both B2C and B2B. You can work with a variety of content formats on Twitter. Text-only tweets can work, as can those with photos, short videos, or links. Deutsche Telekom works across channels on Twitter and teasers, for example, a video that it shows in full on YouTube.

A live stream is possible via Periscope, and the Twitter Moments are suitable for storytelling that exceeds 280 characters. They are somewhat similar to the stories on Instagram or Facebook. Due to the simple divisibility, articles spread quickly, with or without additional comments. In addition, many opinion leaders are active on Twitter. Well-known influencers with a focus on YouTube or Instagram also often have a supplementary pillar on Twitter. Julien Bam not only has 5.6 million fans on YouTube and over four million on Instagram, but also has almost two million followers on Twitter. So it's no wonder a video of him garnered 174,000 likes within three days. Bibi from Bibi's Beauty Palace can't keep up with that, despite the same fan numbers on YouTube. Bibi has a good two million followers on Twitter, but is only very rarely active there. The downside of Twitter are hate speech and trolls and bots. The platform tries to counteract this with simple reporting procedures and occasional cleaning actions.

Advertising on Twitter and user satisfaction

In order to increase the reach with paid ads, Twitter offers a simple mechanism. For a monthly fixed price, the provider highlights the first ten tweets. This shows the platform of the desired target group as a sponsored tweet - replies and (commented) retweets are not included. Alternatively, Twitter offers individual ads campaigns whose bidding and budgeting process is similar to that of other social media platforms.

As a new advertising option, since the end of August 2019, Twitter has been offering video ads with a maximum of 15 seconds with "6-second bidding". This means: As an advertising customer, you only pay if the users have viewed the video ad optimized for the Twitter feed for at least six seconds.

Lane Ellis from the US B2B agency TopRank Marketing refers in his article to an investigation by MarketingCharts. MarketingCharts asked almost 8000 randomly selected users about their experiences and how satisfied they are with various social media platforms. The evaluation of the interviews confirms that users are increasingly satisfied with Twitter. In addition to the microblog, only LinkedIn and YouTube are happy about an increase in user satisfaction year-on-year in 2019. All other platforms show stagnation or even a decrease in user satisfaction.

Successful content from large companies on Twitter!

According to Lane Ellis, the companies Adobe, Deloitte, Dun & Bradstreet, General Electric and Intel are active and successful on Twitter. Adobe has 643,000 followers on Twitter with its main account @Adobe and values ​​relevance and entertainment. Adobe works with innovative videos and reports on the company's successes and interesting events. With over a million fans on Facebook and almost a million subscribers on Instagram, Adobe also addresses its broad target group on other social media channels.

Deloitte also offers a wide range of content on Twitter, from specialist topics to social engagement, and increasingly relies on short videos. Intel presents its almost five million followers on Twitter with news about its products. The company complements this information with announcements of top-class sports sponsorship, such as the partnership for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. The insights into the products and processes of customers who use Intel technology are also interesting.
The traditional company General Electric (GE) works with various content formats and entertains its followers with animated GIFs and videos. GE successfully involves its employees in the context of takeovers.

How do German companies use Twitter?

Numerous companies in Germany have established a strong presence on Twitter. BMW has two million followers behind it and Daimler AG has 58,000 followers. With 171,000 followers, Siemens also plays in the first division, supplemented by the twitter-friendly corporate influencer Joe Kaeser. 29,000 followers have now subscribed to the CEO's @joekaser account. The mobile bank N26 now has 58,000 followers on Twitter and also uses GIFS there. Deutsche Lufthansa has 267,000 followers on Twitter. In addition to a lot of promotional tweets, there is always an exciting look behind the scenes of the traditional aviation company. For example, Lufthansa shows how the interior of an old Airbus A340 is still used to manufacture exclusive lifestyle products. A clever move at times of intense climate discussions that also call flights into question.

Compared to Instagram, Twitter seems to devour fewer resources in community management at first glance. But the time it takes to communicate with users should not be underestimated. Direct messages are widely used to get in touch with a company, and those who comment on Twitter expect a response in a timely manner. Deutsche Bahn, for example, can tell you a thing or two about it, on whose Twitter channel @db_bahn it has 93,000 followers and answers user questions every day until 10 p.m.

Twitter has long played an important role as a research medium for journalists. Therefore, interesting tweets with usable news can lead to more press coverage than the classic press release sent by e-mail. Twitter is also helpful as an early warning system for companies and monitoring with social listening is essential. Due to the rapid spread, some critical discussions have already had their origins in a tweet.