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Comunio, Kickbase and Co .: 10 tips on how to be successful

As in previous years, many fans will open a managerial group with their friends or work colleagues, for example at Comunio or Kickbase, and compete with each other.

We now have ten tips on how you can be successful in your managerial group!

10. Buy cheap, sell high

To get started, there is the tip that all manager games are actually about, namely to prove a good nose. If you are lucky in the transfer market and can predict the performance of players, it helps to buy cheap players in the beginning and hope that they will hit the ground. This increases the market value and you can sell these players. Then the same game starts all over again. Of course, you also get the points.

9. At the beginning: do a lot of shopping

At the beginning of your managerial round, you should sound out the transfer market thoroughly and buy a lot of players. You can get hold of some bargains for your regular eleven, but also get players whose market value may increase during the summer break. You can then sell these players so that you can increase your budget.

8. Always be and stay informed

If you want to convince your managerial group, it is important for you to always be up to date. Daily reading of news about transfers, injuries, training performances or even transfer rumors will be your main task if you want to be successful. You can of course find the latest news at 90min

7. Sell injured players

If one of your players is injured and is out for a longer period of time, the market value of the player decreases rapidly. For this reason, instead of waiting for your player to get rehabilitated, sell them. With a little luck you will find a substitute player on the transfer market.

6. Buy newly transferred players

In the market, you should mainly spend your money on players who have just changed clubs. These are more expensive to have, but then increase in value quickly and can then be sold for a profit. It may already be too late for this tip, but as you know, the transfer period is not over yet and the next transfer window is already due in winter.

5. Buy good standard shooters

A good way to get a lot of points is to field players who are known for their good standards. These players get a lot of points through assists after corners or indirect free kicks. Of course, it is also possible to get these points through penalties. So think of safe shooters in your commitments.

4. Use many offensive players

Statistically speaking, defensive players get far fewer points than players who are on the offensive. For this reason, too, you should opt for fewer defenders. A suitable formation would therefore be a 3-4-3 or, as is possible in some manager games, a 3-3-4 system.

3. Make sensible transfers for the defensive

Of course, you can't do without a defender entirely. If you invest in your defense, keep in mind that players from top teams like Dortmund and Bayern naturally embarrass more points in defense than defensive players from relegation candidates. However, you will probably have to spend more money there.

2. Players don't buy at any cost

You probably know the situation that a player you absolutely want is on the market and you are not the only one interested. It is then important to make smart bids and not bet everything on this player in the Chinese fashion. As a rule of thumb, you should bid a maximum of ten percent above the market value of a player and not oblige the player at any price.

1. Have an absolute top team

Another good tip for the managers among you is to put together an absolutely top team. It is important that you spend your virtual money on eleven players who can perform consistently well. The remaining millions can then be spent on substitutes who you can then set up in an emergency. These substitutes should be cheaper, but they should also be regular players in "smaller" clubs.