What were Michael Jordan's greatest achievements

34 years ago today: Michael Jordan sets a record for the ages

Michael Jordan leads the Chicago Bulls to no fewer than six NBA titles in the 1990s.

The fact that the basketball player from Brooklyn, as powerful as he was ingenious, was going to stir up the league was evident early on in his professional career.

It was on April 20, 1986, when Michael Jordan started his memorable gala in the second game of the playoff round of 16 away against the Boston Celtics. His 63 points from then, scored against the future NBA champion, are still unmatched in the playoffs 34 years later. “His Airness” - or “Air Jordan”, as it was optionally called due to its spectacular dunks from the free throw line - skort as you like.

It didn't matter that evening who from the highly acclaimed Celtics team was trying to defend him. The 23-year-old Jordan, who was in his second NBA season, dunked, pulled irresistibly to the basket, sank jump throws from medium distance and also scored from behind the three-point line. Again and again Jordan saw himself fouled by overwhelmed opponents. He converted 19 of 21 free throws. Two of them at the very end of regular time when he equalized for the Bulls to 116: 116. Extra time had to decide the victory.

Highest praise from the opponent

His teammate John Paxson wanted to “stop and just watch” when Jordan's outstanding performance was on. A few years later, Paxson would say that "Magic Johnson was the best player on the floor, Michael Jordan was the best player in the air." In April 1986 the opponent also received the highest praise. The Celtics are considered to be one of the strongest teams in NBA history, riddled with half a dozen players who later found their way into the Hall of Fame. The biggest star was certainly Larry Bird - and his tribute to Jordan should go down in history: “He's the most exciting, fantastic player in the sport. That was God disguised as Michael Jordan. "

However, having “God” on their side shouldn't be enough for the Bulls back in the Boston Garden, the legendary home of the NBA record champions. 135: 131 after the second extra time, the result was in favor of the top seeded hosts. They took the lead with 2-0 wins in the best-of-3 series and then marched through to their 16th title win.

For Jordan, who had already scored 49 points in the also lost game 1 against Boston, the defeat was difficult to get over. «I don't care about the points. I would give all my points back if we could only win, ”said the 1.98 m tall exceptional talent.

Only the third resignation was definitive

What he could not know in 1986: titles, records and honors, Jordan should still be able to savor extensively in his career. From 1991 to 1993 and 1996 to 1998 the charismatic leader won six of the coveted NBA championship rings together with his most important teammate Scottie Pippen and always under coach Phil Jackson. Michael Jordan was the league top scorer ten times. He has been named the NBA's Most Valuable Player five times, and in 1999 was voted Sportsman of the Century by ESPN, ahead of Babe Ruth and Muhammad Ali.

Jordan played his last game on April 16, 2003, when he lost high with the chronically unsuccessful Washington Wizards against Philadelphia and missed the playoff participation. 15 points and 4 assists and rebounds each, that was the balance of the “King of the Skies” against the 76ers, whose third resignation after October 1993 and January 1999 should definitely be the last. Billionaire Jordan has been the majority owner of NBA team Charlotte Hornets since 2010.

69 points in one game - Michael Jordan's biggest night

In March 1990, Michael Jordan put on 69 points and 18 rebounds for the Chicago Bulls against the Cleveland Cavaliers. His best scoring game ever. We pause in awe in awe.