Which blogs talk about location services

Do you already know? Today: FLEETIZE apps and smartphone authorizations

Only with the right app authorizations is it possible that you can use ALL functions of your FLEETIZE apps. From alarms and reminders to better data evaluation of live location data, you can get the most out of your electronic helper with the right app authorization.

Push notifications

You know notifications via the push service from WhatsApp, for example. This will actively alert you to new messages and display them on the lock screen.
At FLEETIZE, the push services are used, among other things, to deliver alerts. It can look like this:

With the alerts, you can use notifications for activities or geo-zones. This could be, for example:

  • Vehicle drives or parks
  • FLEETIZE tracker marked out
  • Enter or leave geo-zone
  • And much more

You will also receive push notifications when you receive a message from our support team or when journeys are pending processing in the logbook.

With Push, FLEETIZE can help you even if you are not actively using it!

Location services
Of course, the FLEETIZE tracker takes over the live location :)
On your smartphone, the location service is used to ensure that your own location appears on the Google Map. In this way you can create a reference point for the vehicles and better interpret the information at a glance. No movement data is recorded here, the location is only used for the user.

Background updates
The background update can be deactivated on most smartphones. Please note that the app is only updated when it is actively used and that push notifications are no longer possible in full or at all, as you prohibit the app from working in the background.

Activate permissions

When installing our apps, you will be asked to grant permissions. If you originally refused this and now want to grant the authorizations, proceed as follows:

Go to "Settings". Scroll down until you discover the list of apps. Choose your FLEETIZE app here:

The menu with the app authorizations opens

You can set up push notifications under "Notifications". There you can simply click in which form you would like to see the notifications. The other fields speak for themselves :)

Go to the settings and select the Apps section:

Scroll down until you find the FLEETIZE-Track app and click on it:

Now the app settings open. Scroll down and select the "Permissions":

Now activate all permissions for the app by moving the slider to the right:

from Fleetize
published on 04/30/2020