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Meaning of the name Charlotte

The name meaning of Charlotte is "the little one", "the able one".

The eponymous words from Old High German are karal (man, free, efficient) and the French diminutive form otte.

Linguistic origin of Charlotte

Old High German

The internationality of the name Charlotte

French names

Charlotte is a

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Celebrity kids by the name of Charlotte

- Charlotte Grace is the name of the child of Sarah Michelle Prinze (Gellar) and Freddie Prinze Jr.

- Peaches Honeyblossom Michelle Charlotte Angel Vanessa is the name of the child of Bob Geldof and Paula Yates.

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Fluency of the name Charlotte

The name Charlotte is one of the most common German names. Here are the corresponding statistics

Note: An indication in "1958-2000" or "1900-1930" means: "Yes, placement available". Database: Society for the German Language (GfdS)

- Number of top 10 placements of the name Charlotte from 1995 - 2012: 2

- Was Charlotte among the most frequent names from 1958-2000: No.

- Was Charlotte among the most frequent names from 1900-1930: Yes

The name Charlotte is currently not in the top 10 most common German names (year 2012), but has been a popular first name at least once in the past. The current probability that there will be at least 2 children with the name Charlotte in a 30-person class, kindergarten group, etc. is well below: 1%

The name Charlotte goes back to

The name Charlotte. It was named after the male first name Karl. The main role model here was Charlemagne. This gave rise to the diminutive or feminine form of the name.

The name day for the name Charlotte is on

17th July

Famous People named Charlotte:

Charlotte Lucy Ginsburg: actress and singer ("The Naughty Girl" and "Charlotte for Ever"). french actress. Year of birth: 1971.

Ingeborg Charlotte Meysel: popular actress in the 1960s, known as the "mother of the nation". German actress. Year of birth: 1910.

Charlotte Bronte: known under the pseudonym "Currer Bell", including "Jane Eyre" 1847. British writer. Year of birth: 1816.

Charlotte Lucy Ginsburg: known as Charlotte Gainsbourg, including "The Cheeky Girl" 1985. French actress. Year of birth: 1971.

Charlotte Link: wrote, among other things, the "Sturmzeit-Triologie" 1989-1994. German writer. Year of birth: 1963.

Charlotte Elisabeth Grace Roche: known for, among others, "Wetlands" 2008, known as the face of the music channel VIVA. British writer and presenter. Year of birth: 1978.

Charlotte Albertine Ernestine von Stein: Lady-in-waiting at the court of Duchess Anna Amalia, a close friend of Goethe, had a great influence on his works, including "Goethe's letter to Frau von Stein" 1776-1820. German lady-in-waiting. Year of birth: 1742.

Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson: known as "Hermione Granger" in "Harry Potter". British actress. Year of birth: 1990.

More interesting facts about the name Charlotte

The name was best known in the 19th century, in the 20th century the name varied in popularity.

Names that are linguistically derived from the same basic form

Carlotta (Italian), Charlot (English), Carlota (Spanish), Charlotta, Charly (m. English), Sarolta (Hungarian), Lotte (German), Lotti (German), Lotta (German)

The name Charlotte as a weather phenomenon

Charlotte was a tropical cyclone with wind speeds of up to 85 km / h. The storm caused property damage of USD 15 million. Date: January 8, 2009.

The following names have name days on the same day

Gabriele, Gabriella, Charlotte, Alexis, Nikolaj, Lotte, Lotta, Lolle, Karlotta, Donka, Donata, Darlene, Charlott, Cayden, Carlotta, Arlette, Arlett, Anette, Alessio, Aina,

Names with a similar meaning (excerpt)

Names that sound similar

Adette, Alette, Andrenette, Andrette, Andriette, Angelette, Angelitte, Anjanette, Anjeanette, Annette, Annjeanette, Antoinette, Antrinette, Antrunette, Antwanette, Babbette, Babette, Barbette, Bemadette, Bennette, Bernadette, Bernette, Birgitte, Bridgette, Brigette, Brigitte, Charlette, Charlotte, Clarette, Colette, Collette, Corette, Cosette, Cossette, Elizabette, Etienette, Evette, Fanette, Fleurette, Florette, Gitte, Gitte, Halette, Hannelotte, Harriette, Henriette, Hette, Idette, Jacquenette, Jeanette, Jeannette, Jette, Juliette, Jytte, Lalette, Laurette, Lavette, Lieselotte, Lilotte, Lisette, Lotte, Lucette, Lyonette, Manette, Marcellette, Marquette, Miette, Mignonette, Nadette, Nanette, Nannette, Nette, Nicolette, Ninette, Nynette, Odelette, Odette, Olette, Ornette, Paulette, Pierrette, Ronnette, Ruhette, Rupette, Sette, Simonette, Susette, Toinette, Vedette, Vignette, Villette, Viollette, Yvette, Mette, Renette, Rosette, Lunette

The following double names are suitable

Charlotte Elena, Charlotte Marie, Charlotte Michelle, Corinna Charlotte, Divine-Charlotte, Josephine-Charlotte, Lillie-Charlotte, Marie-Charlotte, Pauline-Charlotte, Sophie-Charlotte

Similar names

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