Why don't people believe in Santa Claus

Evidence for Santa Claus? ... and it does exist!

The following photo and the open letter from the SUN to little Virginia should convince even the last doubters that Santa Claus really exists.
Is there a santa claus?
8 year old Virginia O‘Hanlon from New York wanted to know exactly.

That is why she wrote a letter to the daily newspaper "Sun":
“I am 8 years old. Some of my friends say there is no Santa Claus. Papa says what is in the "Sun" is always true.
Please tell me: is there a Santa Claus? "
Virginia O‘Hanlon

The thing was so important to editor-in-chief Francis Church that he
himself replied on the front page of the "Sun":

Is there a Santa Claus? Virginia, your little friends are wrong. They only believe what they see; they believe that there cannot be what they cannot grasp with their little mind. All human minds are small, whether they belong to an adult or a child. He gets lost in space like a tiny insect. Such an ant mind is not enough to grasp and grasp the whole truth. Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. It exists as surely as love and generosity and loyalty. Because there are all of these, our lives can be beautiful and serene. How dark the world would be if there were no Santa Claus! Then there would be no Virginia, no faith, no poetry, nothing at all to make life bearable in the first place. A flicker of visible beauty would be left over. But the light of childhood that radiates the world should go out.

There is a Santa Claus, otherwise you wouldn't be able to believe the fairy tales either. Sure, you could ask your papa to send people out on Christmas Eve to catch Santa Claus. And none of them would see Santa Claus what would that prove? Nobody just sees him like that. That doesn't prove anything. Most of the time, the most important things remain invisible. The elves, for example, when they dance on moon meadows. Nevertheless they do exist.
To think all the miracles - let alone watch them - 'not the smartest in the world can do that.

If you also see, you do not see everything. You can break open a kaleidoscope and look for the beautiful colored figures. You will find some colored shards, nothing more. Why? Because there is a veil that covers the real world, a veil that even violence in the world cannot tear. Only faith, poetry and love can ventilate it. Then the beauty and glory behind it will suddenly be recognizable. “Is that also true?” You can ask. Virginia, nothing in the world is truer and nothing more permanent.

Santa Claus lives and will live forever.
Even in ten times ten thousand years he will be there to fill children like you and every open heart with joy.

Merry Christmas, Virginia, your Francis Church.

The correspondence between Virginia O'Hanlon and Francis Church dates back to 1897. It was reprinted on the front page of the Sun for over half a century, every year at Christmas time.
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Evidence for Santa Claus? ... and it does exist!

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