A doctorate in information technology is useful

Doctorate in computer science

Which topic is suitable for the doctorate in computer science and how do you like it?

So some of them are behind them and have successfully completed their doctorate in computer science. But you still have it ahead of you. In any case, there is no general source code for the target. Automated software that doesn't do that for you either. But there are many possibilities that have proven themselves.

For example, you already know that you end up in business? Then it can make sense for you to write your doctorate in computer science in a company. Because this way you can inquire at your favorite companies and make suggestions for topics on your own. To do this, however, you would have to know exactly what the company currently needs. Alternatively, you can also take a look at companies' requests. If necessary, they advertise positions and sometimes have topic suggestions ready. This is also a great opportunity to join the respective company directly after completing your doctorate in computer science.

In the research area, you can look out for associations of scientists. There are a number of research groups working on topics and looking for support in smaller sub-areas of the overall research.
You should make sure that you see yourself in this area in the future. This research work often results in publications. If you do a good job, you can use this to put your name in what is known in technical jargon "Working Paper" according to the University of Hamburg find again. This will help you make a name for yourself in the scene and help you find other projects.

To give you an idea, we would also like to show you a few examples of topics at the end of this chapter. With these, many have already completed their doctorate in computer science:

Research and research work for a doctorate in computer science

No matter what you choose, some things are pre-programmed for both approaches. For example, you must always have a Exposé of the dissertation write and always a doctoral supervisor or one Find Doctor Mother. This accompanies your doctorate in computer science and can support you in various things. For example, you can use your Structure of the dissertation help or advise you, whether a monograph or a cumulative dissertation would make more sense on your topic. Because such a thesis requires in-depth detailed knowledge.

In addition, you have to create completely new insights for your research area. Accordingly, the use of scientific methodology and the incorporation of existing knowledge is no longer sufficient, it is just like that scientific language of a dissertation, Of course. Accordingly, you have to research thoroughly and pay close attention to source work. After all, dissertations are checked for plagiarism much more precisely than their predecessors.

As a result, the creation can take several years and the result can be several 100 pages (cf. Frieder, Wenzelburger, 2010: 204). A good Planning the dissertation is therefore elementary in order not to ponder at some point whether the Cancel your doctorate would not be the better alternative. You have to learn his Motivation for the dissertation to keep. You can also apply for this from already successful doctoral students Dissertation tips catch up.

Doctorate in Computer Science: Where and how can you publish the dissertation?

The last sentence is written, the final point is set - even the proofreading is done. Done? Not at all. Now it's called: the Publish dissertation. Because with a doctorate in computer science, like a Doctorate in law or one Doctorate in business administration, an obligation to publish (cf. Meusel, 1990: 90 ff.). On the one hand towards the public. Here you can publish your work either as a book or instead on inexpensive online publication, for example with the German National Library To fall back on.

On the other hand, you publish your results at the supervising college or university, which usually requires bound copies. With this number of pages, however, that can be quite expensive. And here you can also do that affidavit of the dissertation do not forget!

In doing so, you must not forget to obtain any authorization to publish. For example, companies like to ask for confidentiality agreements for what you learn internally when you work in the company. As a result, you should definitely obtain approval for the content to be published. Otherwise your doctorate will quickly turn into a tightrope walk on the verge of legality.

As you can see, a doctorate in computer science can advance your career - but it doesn't have to. So it is entirely up to your individual needs. But no matter what you choose: the job prospects are bright, the current need for IT specialists is great and the salaries are attractive. With a doctorate in computer science you can stand out from the crowd - even if that sounds unusual for a real thoroughbred hacker.