How can dogs sniff bad guys

Police dog simulator 2017

Police Dog Simulator 2017 is a police dog simulator 3D game that has an extremely hostile conflict between casual villain hardened criminals, escaped convicts and police. But this is a game where you are the police's well-trained but aggressive canine partner. You are a crazy police dog looking for petty criminals doing casual crime, escaped convicts on the run, or planted explosives to sniff out or be general bad behavior. This ultimate police dog simulator transforms you into a powerful police dog with death ridge cheeks, high speed hunting, keen sense of smell and honed instincts to smell anger. Your job is to track down escaped criminals and other people of interest in various missions that will help your human police officers brothers. Not only do you disarm gangsters and viciously attack crazy thugs by jumping attacking them. Remember, you are a crazy police dog who is fearless when engaging your enemy with a combination of attacks using your sharp teeth and powerful jaws.

Police Dog Simulator 2017 is about high speed police dog chasing away in crime town, about finding weapons and explosives, about bringing fear into the hearts of bad guys and having fun while you do it. Choose from your favorite breeds including German Shepherd and Rottweiler, Doberman Pinscher etc. Have fun playing in a stunning 3D realistic crime city setting. As a crazy police hound your mission and duties include hunting thieves and robbers and escaping ex-prison criminals who try to escape law enforcement and do all they can to get away as they are on the run in this crime city when they run you have to follow when the fight you need to attack, when they plant explosives you have to sniff them. Just follow the arrow in this police dog simulator game in this crime city of ultimate criminals. This is a simulator game for all ages who are true fans of 3D simulator games. His hands down an incredible crazy dog ​​simulator for those who have fun like a security police dog. There is no dog like a cop dog.

• Breathtaking 3D city environment
• Play perfect game
• Exciting attack combinations
• Various police dogs
• Crazy police dogs chasing prisoners
• Placement and prosecution of criminals
• Smooth and interactive controls
• High quality 3D graphics
• Exciting and challenging missions