How can I install APK with data

Open and install APK - How it works

You cannot find some apps in the official app stores such as the Google Play Store, but download the installation file in APK format to the Android phone. We'll show you how to open and install APK files.

An APK file is an app's setup file. The application must therefore still be extracted from this and set up. APK is an abbreviation and stands for "Android Package". APK files can only be opened on Android devices and not on a PC or iPhone.

Open and unzip the APK

If you have downloaded an app as APK, make this setting to install the application:

  1. Call the Settings app on.
  2. Switch to the section security.
  3. You can find the option here Install unknown apps.
  4. Now select the app you want to use to open the APK.

Up to Android 7, the installation of APK files was allowed globally. As of Android 8, authorization is granted for individual apps. In this way you control which application is allowed to set up apps from unknown sources and prevent unwanted installation in the background. Once you have downloaded the APK file, you can use the “My Documents” app or another file manager, for example, to access it. When installing directly from the Internet, you activate the setting for the Chrome app.

Find and install the APK file

Once access to the APK is permitted, you control the installation file via the app selected above. In the file manager you simply press the downloaded file. Confirm the installation and the app will be set up outside of the app store. In this way, for example, the preliminary version of WhatsApp can be installed manually. Please note, however, that an app installed externally as an APK is not automatically supplied with updates. If there is an update, you also have to import it manually.

One should pay attention to that

After the installation you should reset the setting made above. Downloads offered in the app stores are usually checked, so that the content here is mostly trustworthy.

For security reasons, however, APK files are locked in the device's factory settings. These installation files for apps can be offered anywhere on the Internet, so that you cannot always be sure whether a trustworthy application or malware is hidden in the APK.

APK not working?

After downloading the APK, you can find the file in your file manager. If you do not know the download folder, use the search function and enter the abbreviation for the file extension, ie "apk". After you have found and installed the APK, you can delete the file. After setup, the app also works without the installation file.

Setting up apps as APK files is not only more dangerous but also more prone to errors. In the Google Play Store you will only find those apps that are compatible with your device. APK files can be run on any Android device, even if the app was not developed for your device at all. If the application doesn't work, it is most likely because your device doesn't support the app. If the installation fails, only the download file may be defective. In this case, you should download the APK again, ask the provider for help, or find an alternative download option for the application.