A quesadilla is a sandwich

Food trend that not only teenagers love: folded wrap sandwiches



Do you already have one gratinated wrap sandwich eaten? I saw this trend a few weeks ago here on TikTok discovered and am absolutely thrilled with this simple snack.



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Quick and tasty ideas for lunch are worth their weight in gold, especially during the lockdown with two teenagers. Because I like to share ideas with you, I'm going to show you today:


  • Like you Crunch wrap you can easily prepare at home and
  • Which ingredients are suitable for the filling.



Besides, I still have 2 more quick wrap snack ideas tested for you, which we taste at least as good, and are on the table in about 5 minutes.



Simple instructions for a folded wrap sandwich (crunch wrap) from the pan or the contact grill


You need:

  • approx. 2 wraps per person (whether normal wraps or low carb wraps)
  • Ingredients for your filling *
  • a scissors
  • A contact grill or pan + some oil


* Ideas for the wrap filling:

  • German style: cheese, mayo, tomatoes, boiled ham.
  • Mexican style: sour cream, minced meat (seasoned with cumin and salt), avocado, cheese
  • Greek Style: yogurt + garlic and salt, chicken + gyros spice, tomatoes, feta
  • Mayo, tuna, lettuce, cheese
  • Cream cheese, banana slices, honey
  • Banana slices, peanut butter, chocolate cream, chopped hazelnuts




And this is how your wrap sandwich is prepared:

Put the wrap on a plate and cuts it to the middle:



Occupies then each quarter with an ingredient:




Now fold the wrap by pulling the Fold up one quarter at a time:





Now your wrap can optionally be placed in the for a few minutes Contact grill or with a little oil (= makes the wrap crispy) in a pan:



This is what the result looks like. I was really amazed how A wrap can become crispy and delicious by frying in a little oil!



Now, as promised, there are 2 more ideas that you can conjure up from wraps from the supermarket in a few minutes:

For both variants, first heat some oil in a pan and fry the wrap in it for a few seconds.




Crunchy 5 Minute Wrap Pizza:

For the 5 minute pizza you mix some tomato paste with a tablespoon of water and a pinch of salt and spread the mixture with the spoon on the fried wrap (see above). Then you sprinkle plenty of cheese over it and give your wrap pizza briefly in the oven at 200 degrees until the cheese has melted. I used an ovenproof pan and just put it in the oven with the pizza. Alternatively, you can place the wrap on a baking sheet after searing and bake it.




In any case, the result is surprisingly good and really crispy:




2 minute pan quesadillas: For the simple wrap quesadillas, sprinkle plenty of cheese on the fried wrap and fold it in. Turn it over after about 20 seconds by reaching under the side with the curve with a spatula and folding the wrap over. Goes with the quesadilla Salsa Sauce!




I think these 3 ideas are ingeniously simple - and therefore simply ingenious!


So: Now, as always, I'm interested in your feedback. Do you have the scalloped wrap variations already tried? And if so: which filling can you recommend? And: which variant do you like best?

As always, I'm looking forward to your feedback!


Best regards,




As always, you will find the right template for your Pinterest pin board:




Crunchy wrap sandwich


  • 2 wraps per person
  • Ingredients for your filling
  • 1 scissors


  1. Place the wrap on a plate and cut it halfway.

  2. Then top each quarter with an ingredient.

  3. Fold the wrap up by folding up the quarters one at a time.

  4. Put your wrap in the contact grill for a few minutes or with a little oil (= makes the wrap crispy) in a pan. Finished!


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