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How to quickly learn to raise an eyebrow

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Anyone can raise both eyebrows. This is a very common non-verbal expression that can convey certain information. However, when the question of how to raise an eyebrow arises, many will encounter a problem - it turns out that it is not as simple as it may seem at first glance.

To learn how to move only one half of your face, you will need some effort, as well as special exercises.

We train eyebrows with our hands

First of all, you should decide which eyebrow is inherent in the dominant function. It's easier to train. You can do this as follows:

  1. You have to stand in front of the mirror and try to raise one of your eyebrows. After that, do the same manipulations with another eyebrow. Whichever you feel more in control is dominant. She should start exercising.
  2. If you couldn't sense which of the eyebrows has more control, then you can choose one and take action.

Now that you've decided on a dominant eyebrow, it's time to start exercising. First, the dominant eyebrow is raised and held in the hand. When the other eyebrow also began to rise, her free hand should be lowered. The training is best done in front of the mirror. So it will be possible to memorize the correct movement of muscle mass when one of the eyebrows is raised.

If I wanted to put tape on the raised eyebrow for the sake of simplicity - for God's sake. This guarantees even better control over the muscles and leads to immediate decision-making in the course of the actions carried out.

While the eyebrow remains in a raised state, it is necessary to use your fingers to examine the muscles near the forehead. You should be in a tense state. These are the muscles to rely on when raising an eyebrow. If you have to use your fingers for the first few stages, that's fine. Such actions are an excellent way to remember the place where the muscles are located in the eyebrow.

Such training is preferably done daily for 2-5 minutes.

After you have trained to raise one eyebrow, you can begin training actions to lower the other. While the raised one is clinging to the hand, the other must try to lower it quietly.

It is possible that someone may not be able to raise an eyebrow in isolation, that is, without helping hands. However, to make sure that this is your case or not, you need to practice enough.

Learning to raise eyebrows without hands

Method number 1. Important! During an eyebrow training session, it is important that you are alone in the room. Otherwise the focus will not work and all attempts will be unsuccessful.

First of all, you need to try to give your face a grumpy, angry expression. In this position, the muscles responsible for lifting the eyebrows can be perfectly felt. While both eyebrows are tensioned, one of them should be relaxed and try to move them slightly. The other eyebrow should be in a state of complete immobility at this point.

You can't call this method the best, but it still allows you to master the ability to control the muscles responsible for moving the eyebrows. If you've managed to move an eyebrow, the facial expression can be simplified so that it doesn't seem so funny.

Method number 2. Another way is the complete antipode to the previous one. However, it is considered to be one of the most effective methods.

  1. First you need to prepare a mirror and decide which eyebrow you want to work.
  2. Both eyebrows must be raised with the help of the fingers. When you are at the height you want, release one hand and keep holding the other.
  3. It is recommended to stay in this position for a few minutes every day until the expected effect can be achieved.
  4. By the way, with raising both eyebrows, if desired, the stage is skipped. You can raise one of them to the height you want.
  5. After feeling that the moment has come and you are ready, you need to let go of your fingers and keep your eyebrows motionless at that moment. If you have failed to hold back, it means you are not ready yet and training should be continued.

Method number 3. As always, you need a mirror. It should be set before you. As with the previous methods, the first thing you need to do is choose the eyebrow that you want to work with.

Frown your face. After that, you need to try to pull the chin down. The muscles of the forehead should be felt by you. In such a situation, the eyebrows themselves involuntarily begin to rise. Sometimes it is possible to just raise one of the eyebrows. This is the situation to be well remembered.

Method number 4. The following simple trick is very effective. First, you should sit in front of the mirror. Check out the working eyebrow and give the person an offended look. So hold out for about 4 seconds. After that, make a surprised expression and freeze for a few seconds. Then these two expressions alternate one after the other. Such training should teach you how to make movements on one half of the face. The result of such actions will be the ability to raise one of the eyebrows without much difficulty. Continuing the exercise before reflecting in the mirror can help you decide on proper muscle movement and learn how to control an eyebrow.

Method number 5. You can resort to the method if, instead of the fingers, a wide piece of tape is used and one of the eyebrows is fixed with it. It is possible to train both eyebrows one after the other, or after practicing with one, do the other.

Learning something is not that easy. There are many ways to master the ability to regulate the movement of the eyebrows. If desired, everyone can find their own method and achieve the expected result.

Recommendations and tips on how to raise an eyebrow quickly

First of all, it should be noted that not everyone can master this skill. And this is not about diligence, it is about the fact that a person may not have the necessary muscle components. It is hardly worth getting excited about, since such a feature guarantees fewer wrinkles with age.

  1. Be patient because performing such a trick can take a lot of time and effort.
  2. At the heart of the easiest way to raise an eyebrow is the ability to frown. Focusing attention on the release of muscles allows you to control only half of the face (you can feel the muscles of the forehead). As a result, you can try raising an eyebrow as the muscles of the forehead help in this.
  3. All actions may only be carried out in front of the mirror. You have to see what you get and what you don't.
  4. You can tilt your head to reinforce the illusion. When trying to raise the right eyebrow, the head should be tilted to the left. This method creates the illusion that your eyebrows will rise higher.
  5. There is no point mowing with one eye to make an eyebrow a little deeper. This will not produce a result, but an absurd facial expression will be provided.
  6. If all else fails, don't be upset. You probably need more time. In the end, someone manages to achieve what others cannot.

Important! Fans of moving eyebrows should be prepared for the fact that such an active facial expression on the forehead and eyebrows leads to the inevitable formation of wrinkles on the skin. Therefore, in expressive facial expressions, the main thing is not to overdo it; there are many people who, on the contrary, try in every possible way to get rid of the habit of raising eyebrows and frowning.

Mastering the methods of controlling your own body is an interesting and useful activity. Anyone who has set a clear goal and can achieve it in any way can learn to raise an eyebrow.

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