Snapchat is a fad

Why you should download Snapchat


With Snapchat you can send pictures, videos and messages that destroy themselves after viewing. Young users in particular love the app. Now there is a controversial new function that allows you to save your own pictures in the app and post them later. We took a closer look at Snapchat and the new function, explain how Snapchat works and give you five good reasons to finally download the app.

Snapchat is constantly causing a stir. Most recently, the developers of the photo sharing app announced in July 2016 that Snapchat will receive new functions with the next update. With Snapchat Memories can Your own snaps can now be saved in the app, edited and combined into a new story – Third-party photos can still only be saved using screenshots. This function is to be made available to users by August 2016. Because photos can now also be saved in the app via Snapchat Memories, Snapchat also performs the function My eyes only so that individual images - for example nude photos - are protected with a password. This is to prevent unfamiliar eyes from seeing private pictures if the cell phone is ever given away.

The internet is not responding well to this new software update at all. Users fear that Snapchat could lose its special charm as a result. So far, snaps have only been spontaneous snapshots that did not have to be placed, filtered or made pretty, as is the case with Instagram posts, for example. Many Snapchat fans believe that Memories could transform the photo sharing app into a second version of Instagram, where Stories no longer documents users' sometimes banal, sometimes funny and sometimes exciting daily routine, but writes perfectly staged stories and be posted. But Snapchat also has a solution for this: Stories that contain a memory are identified. Memories are always provided with a white frame and the date the Snap was taken.

So no reason to panic! We also have five other reasons why we love Snapchat:

1. Snapchat is fun

Snapchat is a wonderful way to share fun content and pictures with your friends. This is also confirmed by a study by University of Washington, in which 127 American students were asked about their Snapchat habits. The result: respondents prefer to send happy pictures and videos on Snapchat. The various functions of the photo app are currently inviting you to: with Emojis Snaps can be personalized, Snapchat filter make skin imperfections disappear and new functions such as Face swap or face recognition allow users to distort their own face or put funny masks over them. By the way: the same study has also shown that sexting, i.e. the sending of nude pictures, does not take place on Snapchat as often as always assumed. Less than 2 percent of those surveyed stated that they regularly send pictures with sexual content via Snapchat.

2. Snapchat makes you happy

The University of Michigan observed the media use of a group of 154 students for two weeks and found that during this time the young people were happiest when they used Snapchat. Explanation: Because of the volatility of pictures, videos and messages on Snapchat, this type of communication comes closest to face-to-face conversation. In addition, snaps are often spontaneous snapshots from everyday life, while Facebook posts, for example, are often used for self-presentation. This creates envy or the feeling of missing something in the viewer. Snapchat evokes these emotions less often.

3. Snapchat is everywhere

If even a small town in Upper Bavaria has its own geo-filter on Snapchat, one can assume that the app is not just a fad, but has firmly established itself on our smartphones. The 100 million users, who use Snapchat every day, according to company founder Evan Spiegel, also speak in favor of it. While Facebook, Instagram and Co are losing importance, Snapchat is becoming increasingly important, especially for young people. According to a study by the US investment bank Piper Jaffray is the app today the main social network for American teens. The youth magazine Bravo came across similar results in its survey in Germany.

4. Snapchat made selfies street-worthy

We used to just wearily smile at people who took a selfie in public. Today we know that these people are probably just snapping. According to a study by the American Marketing agency Sumpto Women in particular prefer to use Snapchat to send selfies to their friends. So gave 70% of the participants in the study said that they mainly send self-portraits with Snapchat.

5. You can now follow on Snapchat and win cool prizes

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The mobile phone app Snapchat is enjoying increasing popularity. According to a study by the youth magazine Bravo, the instant messaging service for the smartphone is becoming increasingly important for teenagers. As Snapchat continues to grow in popularity, Instagram, Twitter ... are losing ...
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