Where can I buy sodium metal

Sodium (Na)

Sodium was discovered by Sir Humphrey Davy in London in 1807.

Sodium is a soft, silver-colored metal that, like other metals in the alkali group, is highly reactive. Like the other metals in its group, sodium can be produced by electrolysis of the molten halide or hydroxide. With a proportion of 28,300 ppm in the earth's crust (mainly as carbonate, chloride and nitrate), sodium is one of the more common alkali metals alongside potassium.

Molten sodium is used as a heat exchanger in certain types of nuclear reactors and as a reagent in the chemical industry. Some sodium salts, such as NaCl and NaCO3, are more important than the metal itself due to their wide range of applications.

Sodium is a vital element for all living things, including humans, although it has not been known for sure how much of it is needed for life. An average human body contains around 100 mg of sodium, which is used up by various processes and has to be returned to the body. On average, a person consumes about 10 g of salt per day, although only about 3 g are actually needed and an excess can lead to increased blood pressure. Sodium fulfills numerous body functions such as regulating the water content of blood and tissues and transmitting electrical impulses.