How can I write a reflection paper

How can I write a reflection?

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What you need: Computer, word processing software
Time required: about an hour
A reflection can address a text or a book as well as something that has been experienced, for example a seminar or an internship. The main thing is to describe the content and processes in your own words and also to evaluate and critically examine them.
The reflection goes far beyond a mere summary or description and brings with it a strong subjective note, a personal examination of the respective topic.
The reflection must always be written in the first person. The tense to be used results from the context, but mostly the past tense is to be preferred. The reflection is divided into three sections, which are to be separated from each other by appropriate subheadings.
The first section is used to describe the selected topic and to convey additional information. A short summary, in which the most important facts are listed, is usually sufficient. In particular, the place and time or the period, the process and the activities carried out are to be mentioned here.
The second section describes how to deal with the situation. Here the author can describe what experiences he had, how he experienced the situation and what expectations he had. Have these been fulfilled and have goals been achieved? Here, in retrospect, an assessment can be made of how the situation looks with a little distance gained.
In the last section, your own evaluation and criticism is introduced. Here you can describe what you liked and what you didn't like about the experience. What difficulties were there and how can they perhaps be avoided in the future? Finally, an outlook can be ventured into how the knowledge gained can be used in the future.