Free Minecraft is safe to download


One of the most successful games in recent years is also one of the most peculiar titles. We're talking about Minecraft, the sandbox game that combines different genres into one and has sparked anger among millions of players around the world who are eager to create their own worlds.

Crafting as a way of life

This game that has also arrived on platforms other than Windows such as Android, iOS, Mac or Linux, comes with graphics that are characterized by their huge pixels. The latter and the LEGO style blocks will help us build our own reality.

A creative game without limits.

One of the great things about this game is that that the user can create a world of his own taste; to do this, he has to use the different bricks and materials that can be made: cities, castles, fortresses, impossible buildings ... you can build absolutely anything you can imagine in your own world.

The main features

This game offers you a number of features, with which you can modify the result of the latter:

  • Develop your own virtual world with the help of building blocks and only limited by the laws of physics.
  • Survive the creatures of the night with your own armor and sword.
  • Independent game that combines different genres: action, adventure, platforming and building.
  • Complete 'sandbox' editor: create your own scenario using cubes similar to LEGO blocks.
  • Create buildings, mountains, forests, etc.
  • Includes a multiplayer mode.
  • Five game modes with different difficulties: Creative, Survival, Adventure, Spectator and Hardcore

Choose how you want to play

You have the option of choosing between different levels of difficulty, which make the game run differently depending on the case and require us to carry out certain or different actions. In other words, you can play in an action-packed setting or in a much more peaceful setting where your only job is to explore and build.

  • Survival: You need to find resources that guarantee you will stay alive. Get food and take care of your health.
  • Creative: build and explore. There is no need to worry about your survival.
  • Hardcore: Survival mode lets you die and be resurrected as many times as you want. Not here. You only have one life so take care of it.
  • Spectator: a strange mode in that you can fly around and explore worlds, but you cannot interact with them. You can also explore them from the perspective of other players and creatures.
  • Adventure: It's the game mode for those who don't care about the online version. You have to deal with hazards, research, and other actions, but there are certain conditions, such as breaking blocks, only with the right tools.

Customize the game

Another great perk of this title that its users love is the ability to customize it. You can change your character and the game with the help of skins and modshow it becomes a major attraction to bring it to a personal level.

It was just one of the most successful indie games of all time ... and we say that was because Microsoft bought it from Mojang, the company that developed it, for about $ 2 million, so now it's from the Guys in Redmond being serviced. So if it was impossible before Minecraft free to download so now it's even more. At least you can download this demo.

Changes in the latest version

  • New easy-to-use and intuitive installer.
Requirements and further information:
  • The demo version can be used for 5 days.
  • Requires Java.