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In 1971 John Lennon wrote "Imagine".

March 1971: a morning in Tittenhurst, England. John Lennon sits by a white grand piano in the bedroom of his Gregorian country house. And in just a few hours he is writing a pop hit that will go down in history. "Imagine there was no kingdom of heaven. It's very simple, try it! No hell below us. Only heaven above us," sings John Lennon. "Imagine there was no greed, no hunger, no war." The message of the song is: If the world is to get better, it must first change in people's minds. John Lennon owes the idea for "Imagine" to his wife Yoko Ono. A few years earlier, the artist had published a book entitled "Grapefruit", in which it was stated in various places: "Imagine this or that".

"Imagine": Milestone in pop music history

A peace hymn played on a white grand piano - John Lennon likes this picture. He will later stage it accordingly in a film about the making of "Imagine". In the studio, however, he has to be more or less grudgingly content with a normal, brown piano. And otherwise the recording is deliberately kept very simple: apart from Lennon, only the German bassist Klaus Voormann and drummer Alan White are part of the party. Later producer Phil Spector will add a few more delicate strings. Not more. John Lennon wants Imagine to be as simple as a nursery rhyme. It becomes a milestone in pop music history.

The story was a hit

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