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Orientation test for your choice of study or career

“What should I become?” - probably the hardest decision in life

The possibilities are diverse, but many graduates still do not know what to do after leaving school. Training or study? University or college? First an internship or spend a year abroad as an au pair? In order to be able to make this decision, you should know what talents you have and what things give you pleasure. Because the question of further education is to be equated with the question “What can and what do I actually want?”. So that you do not despair of these questions, we have developed a clear and quick-to-process vocational orientation test to help you find the right path.

The orientation test as an aid through the professional jungle

With the help of this online career choice test, you will find out where your strengths and interests lie and you will also get an initial assessment of which courses and apprenticeships are right for you. You may discover completely new perspectives that you were not even aware of before. We want you to find your calling! You can therefore rate all suggestions with one click and receive even more targeted career suggestions. It has never been easier as a student to find the right dream job.

In any case, a lot of time should be given to future planning and career orientation, because after all, a completely new phase of life begins with your studies or training and we wish you all the best!