How do I destroy my sexuality

5 things that destroy even the strongest relationship, and why you do them anyway

If you think that only infidelity or bad sex will drive a couple apart, you are wrong. Of course, this can potentially break a relationship as well, but it's much more likely that seemingly trivial habits will endanger your relationship.

We know it: she gives a kindly intended piece of advice. He sees it as patronizing or even feels pressured - a classic misunderstanding. Even in the best of relationships, you struggle with it here and there. It's not bad at all, but some of our habits can destroy even the strongest of relationships. Here are the top 5 relationship killers that we often allow - without us really being aware of it.

When you try to change it

That's probably number one when it comes to the reasons relationships or marriages break down: When one partner tries to change the other. In the end, this gives our partner the feeling that he is not good enough for what he is and that this has absolutely nothing to do with love.

When you first met him, you knew all of his quirks and you may have loved him even more for it. Better to keep telling him what you think is great about him, instead of constantly warning him not to eat as many chips or to throw away the old t-shirt - even if you mean it well.

When you let yourself go

Of course, we shouldn't just dress up for our partner. But let's be honest: It feels damn good to get compliments. When the colleague at work tells us how beautiful our hair looks today. When our best friend tells us that the blouse looks good on us. And yes, too, when our sweetheart tells us we look hot. So it's actually a win-win situation if we don't let ourselves go. We feel more comfortable in our own skin and our partner gets the feeling that his opinion is important to us.

This creates a positive cycle: You feel great and radiate that. This makes him feel even more attracted to you, which makes you feel more desirable and valued again. This can create something wonderful.

When you say "no" to everything

If you say no directly to every idea, he'll feel like he's in a defiant phase in a relationship with a toddler - and that's no fun. In the long run, this will result in your partner no longer wanting to spend time with you. Who wants to have someone around who thinks everything that they like themselves is stupid? Or worse still, it prevents you from doing the things you enjoy.

In a relationship, ease and fun are like the icing on the cake - it just doesn't taste good without it. So let yourself into one of his crazy ideas every now and then, maybe you'll find joy in it too.

If you control him

Controlling your partner is probably the most effective way to get him to shut up and secretly catch up on what is prohibited. So go ahead: read his messages secretly. Randomly drive past the bar he was going to. Call him ten times a day. Forbid his male evenings. But be aware that with all this he will not feel loved and that he will soon no longer feel love for you. So you really get rid of him in ten days.

When there is no "I" anymore

If you don't like going out without your partner, or if you don't even know what movies or music you liked before you became a couple - watch out: all of this calls out for an unhealthy relationship. Unfortunately, it happens far too often that couples lose themselves in a relationship. They no longer even know who they are as individuals.

In the best case, two perfect people meet and enrich each other's life. This creates a relationship in which both can give something to each other. In a relationship in which two people come together who are not functional on their own, however, it's all about taking. After all, our partner then has to complete us. In the long run, neither of them will be happy with it.

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