Uber drivers pay tolls

Toll in Germany and Europe

Since the 2019 car toll failed in Germany, you do not have to pay any toll for using the motorways in this country. In many neighboring countries, such as B. Austria and Italy, however, in order to be allowed to drive the motorways, you need a vignette or have to pass a toll station. You can buy these before your holiday in Germany in the ADAC shops, at all petrol stations near toll stations or at the toll stations themselves.

Who pays tolls in Germany?

Since July 1, 2018, motorways and federal highways have been subject to tolls for truck drivers. In order to check the payment of the toll, control pillars were set up at certain points in the road network. You can pay the toll via the Toll Collect app, an on-board unit or online. The onboard unit itself does not cost the driver or his employer any money. He only has to pay for the installation by a specialist. If the truck is electrically operated, there is no toll to be paid and if it is operated with natural gas, there is no fee in the period from January 1st, 2019 to December 31st, 2020. The toll is calculated according to the weight class. Trucks under 7.5 tons also do not pay a toll.

Why is there no car toll in Germany?

With the judgment of the European Court of Justice on June 18, 2019, the car toll, as it had been planned by Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer since 2015, was rejected. The reason was that the foreign toll payers would be discriminated against because the German toll payers should get their toll refunded through the vehicle tax. The relief of German drivers from the toll would have resulted in the sole burden of foreign drivers. The lawsuit was submitted by Germany's neighbor Austria, which was supported by the Netherlands. Germany was supported by Denmark during the process. The judgment came as a surprise in the sense that the Minister of Transport repeatedly emphasized that the toll he had planned was in conformity with the rules.

Who pays tolls in our neighboring countries?

In most European countries there is a car and truck toll for federal highways and motorways. Each country has its own regulations and fee schedules for this purpose.

Tolls for cars in neighboring countries

If you use certain motorways and expressways, you have to pay tolls in the following countries around Germany: Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Poland, Belarus, Norway, Great Britain and Ireland. The charges do not necessarily apply to the entire road network. You can only pay when you drive in or out at the toll station.

Other countries have only or additionally imposed a special toll for the use of bridges, tunnels and passes: Sweden, Denmark, Italy, France, Switzerland and Austria. The fees range from 5.50 euros to 44.40 euros.

Vignette compulsory for cars in neighboring countries

Eight other countries have stipulated a vignette for drivers, which applies to the expressways and motorways. These are Bulgaria, Austria, Romania, Switzerland, Slovakia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic and Hungary. The vignettes have different periods of validity ranging from seven or ten days over a month to a year.

Danger! If you intentionally or accidentally drive on a road that requires a vignette without a vignette and are checked, this will cost you between 50 and 800 euros. This reduces z. B. in Slovenia to 150 euros if you can pay in cash on site.

In Austria there is now also a digital vignette. However, if it is ordered online, it is only valid 18 days after the date of purchase. This deadline can be avoided if the digital vignette is purchased directly from an ADAC shop. The vignette is then immediately valid. There are also digital vignettes for some special toll roads.

Useful tips for dealing with toll stations

Attachment: If you are a driver, stick the vignette to the inside of the windshield. Motorcyclists should attach the vignette to the tank or fork leg.

Pay: Don't stop too far from the counter so you can pay without getting out. In order to make the payment process as short as necessary, you should have your means of payment or your ticket to hand when you exit.

Classification: Arrange yourself early and properly. The use of the truck lanes is not permitted for motorists. If this faux pas should have happened to you, stay calm and use the help button to call a toll station employee.

Direction of travel: You can only drive straight ahead at toll stations. Turning around and driving backwards is strictly forbidden at toll stations unless you have received permission from the staff beforehand. Danger! Please note that most toll stations are equipped with camera surveillance! The fine for unauthorized reversing or turning at toll stations in Italy is z. B. 419 euros.

To buy: In order to save time and nerves at the toll station, it is best to buy the vignette before you enter the toll roads. You can buy vignettes for Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Switzerland in the ADAC shop on site or online.

Credit card requirement: No. You can usually pay in cash or with an EC card. But think about whether it is worthwhile for you to get a credit card for toll payments. This mainly depends on the frequency of entries and exits. This way, the holiday budget is not burdened too much.

(No / open) barrier: Do not drive through a toll station without paying, even if the barrier is already open. If your entrance is not registered, you will have to pay a penalty in addition to the toll when you exit. Instead, press the Help button. In some countries, such as B. Italy, a subsequent payment of the toll is possible.

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