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Mixed municipal waste: Waste full of energy

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Waste from public institutions or commercial companies is mixed municipal waste. No further material separation is possible with this waste. We dispose of in an environmentally friendly manner and recycle the municipal waste energetically in the waste-to-energy plant in Berlin-Ruhleben. The resulting superheated steam is processed into district heating for 31,000 households and electricity for 63,000 households. Non-flammable materials such as metal are sorted out and returned to the material cycle.

Domestic energy sources

containervolumecollectionParking space (W x D) in meters
120 liters2x a week
1x a week
0.50 x 0.60
240 liters2x a week
1x a week
0.60 x 0.80
660 liters2x a week
1x a week
1.60 x 1.20
1,100 liters2x a week
1x a week
1.60 x 1.60
 5,000 litersFortnightly2.40 x 2.40


Household waste / residual waste is converted into steam and heat

Sanitary articles and papers, diapers, animal litter

Crockery, mirror and window glass

Vacuum cleaner bags, rubbish (sweeping residues)

soiled or coated papers, foils, photos

Remnants of wallpaper, dried paint

Ash and ashtray contents

Plastics, such as plastic cups
or bottles, metals and composites (recycling bin)

Glasses, bottles (glass containers)

Paper, cardboard (paper bin)

Fruit and food leftovers, coffee grounds (organic waste bin)

Batteries (pollutant collection points)

Electrical appliances



Bulky waste

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