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The secret behind Spook Hill in Lake Wales, Florida

Spook Hill, a mysterious phenomenon on Florida's Ridge Scenic Byway, also known as SR 17, has drawn the attention of curious people for many years with its thrill. Visitors can marvel at how their parked car defies gravity and rolls backwards up a hill.

There is a great legend behind that secret from Spook Hill, which made up a prominent Native American chief and a massive alligator Florida includes. The story dates back many years ago when a Seminole Indian village on Lake Wales had the misfortune of being terrorized by the great alligator. The leader of the tribe, Chief Culcowellax, was one of the fiercest warriors of his time and decided to take over the alligator to protect his village. Chief Culcowellax and the alligator had an incredible showdown, with the chief emerging triumphantly as the winner of the battle. That epic battle apparently created Lake Ticowa and when the chief died years later, they buried his remains on the north side.

When the Indians eventually lost their land to settlers, the pioneer mail riders noticed that their horses were working downhill, which resulted in them being nicknamed "Spook Hill." The road was later paved, but still cars would roll uphill with no explanation whatsoever. Two reasons have been suggested for this: either the alligator is trying to take revenge for his loss in the legendary battle, or the chief is still trying to protect his land.

Scientists attribute this natural phenomenon to a magnetic mound formed from limestone mounds that were islands 2-3 million years ago when sea levels were much higher. However, when you're ready to try Spook Hill and see the phenomenon for yourself, take Highway 27-17A just before Lake Wales, head east and follow the signs.