Do you think animals have ghosts

Can cats see ghosts?

Sometimes cats seem to be watching things that no one else can see. Many cat owners ask themselves the question: Do cats perceive ghosts and ghosts? Your animal world knows the answer.

Do you have a cat and sometimes wonder why it is staring at a wall as if spellbound or why it is following something with its eyes that you cannot see? Many cat owners are actually familiar with this phenomenon - and some even believe that their cat's behavior could be due to supernatural abilities.

In fact, cats cannot see ghosts - but at least they perceive more with their eyes than we humans do. "When cats seem to be looking nowhere, they are likely to recognize subtle movements because their eyesight is much more accurate than ours," explains veterinarian Dr. Rachel Barrack opposite an American magazine.

Cats don't see ghosts, but still more than we do

For example, there are studies that show that dogs and cats perceive some light spectra that we don't see, such as UV light. In addition, cats can see much better in the dark than we humans, because their eyes have around six to eight times as many light-sensing rods. At the same time, cats have finer hearing than we do.

So the senses of cats are much sharper than those of humans. Perhaps because of this, you often cannot understand why your cat is afraid of something or behaves strangely.

Nevertheless, you should try to meet her with respect and understanding. If your cat is afraid of reflections or the like, you can use a flashlight to illuminate the dark corner it is staring into.

Is your puss piercing you with her eyes? Then move very slowly or blink at her to show that you are not a threat.