How are Amazon TRMS jobs

Transaction Risk Management Systems

Trust is a cornerstone of the Amazon brand. Our customers know that buying and selling on Amazon, as well as using our devices and consuming our content, is safe. Transaction Risk Management Systems (TRMS) is responsible for maintaining customer trust at Amazon. It is our mission to transform Amazon into the safest and most trusted website on the planet by protecting the innocent and deterring those with bad intentions. By developing fraud and abuse risk management systems that apply across all business areas, product types and payment methods, we enable our customers to carry out transactions with complete confidence via the Amazon ecosystem. With the help of behavioral analysis on Amazon, we are able to predict, identify and prevent millions of cases of fraud against Amazon and its hundreds of millions of customers every year.

Our technical and business teams use a combination of machine learning algorithms and huge amounts of data to stay one step ahead of potential problem cases and the technology they use. Our talented team of investigators is responsible for maintaining our customers' trust in Amazon by manually screening millions of customer orders that could be related to fraudulent activity. Working at TRMS offers exciting opportunities to forecast challenging problems and solve them on a large scale.

Our work gives us the satisfaction of protecting customers from negative consequences, protecting the Amazon brand and being essential for the continued success of the company.