Why do people lie about Dr. Wakefield

Vaccination scandal

Anyone who has seen Andrew Wakefield's film will have trouble believing that. That message is part of the problem, the film is being fought with quite a bit of effort. Cinema operators who want to show it are intimidated with shitstorms and protest campaigns, so that many withdraw their consent. What are the times when it obviously takes courage in this country to show a film?

What the audience shouldn't see is the documentation of a crime. A data and fact-based presentation of the so-called side effects of the combination preparation for the MMR vaccination (measles, mumps, rubella). The filmmaker's concern is by no means to be discredited in terms of ideology, conspiracy theory or in any other way. It is evidence of dangerous practice. The worldwide use of a definite dangerous substance and the appropriate measures to cover up this danger. If you want, you can figure out how far politics are subject to the upheavals of the market and act as the pawn of the (pharmaceutical) industry. But that's not what this film is about, it's about the kids. That makes him all the more believable.

In addition to the obviously criminal intentions, the helplessness of the individual also appears. The fear and powerlessness of the parents, who are denied their ability to make judgments, the doctors, who trust in specialists - computer scientists and chemists - also feel at their mercy, to the improvement fanatics. The latter are convinced of the quality of their motifs. To eradicate a disease, no matter what the cost. The consequential damage is shifted into the mythical realm of genetics as long as it does not seem clearly physically visible, provable. However, in the current situation - unlike at the time of the Contergan scandal - the evidence plays in a data formation and news milieu of information that is itself in the invisible. One can easily imagine how damage that occurs today and which results from a preparation as an effect can simply be postponed as causally genetic and only recognizable in the future. With this collapse of reality, simply dismissing the phenomena, the film does away with it.

The situation is documented in America, where vaccination is compulsory in many states. Since the pharmaceutical companies concerned (Merck, Pfitzer, Aventis, Glaxco Smith, etc.) operate worldwide, however, these are the same vaccines, which are sold under different names. Dr. William Thompson, a leading scientist at the CDC (Center for Disease Control - comparable to the German Robert Koch Institute) can no longer reconcile the processes with his conscience, so he becomes a whistle blower. Thompson has retained all data and documents that the CDC has since destroyed. The one and a half hour film illuminates the events from three sides. Scientific studies from various disciplines are presented and explained in relation to Thompson's statements, and affected parents have their say. Your contributions are truly shocking. The parents have private film recordings. You can see the development before and after the vaccination. In December a toddler running happily through the house, who in January after the administration of the combined preparation can no longer walk or walk, but falls over and crawls over the carpet.

The gastroenterologist Andrew Wakefield, who made this film his heart's concern, starts by talking about how parents become incapacitated. Their perception is simply explained as subjective delusions. The verifiable connection is as follows: there is definitely an increased risk of the occurrence of autism due to the combination preparation. For boys four times higher and the younger the children are, the more likely it is - especially at the prescribed age between 15 and 18 months. These phenomena did not occur with the earlier individual preparations. All the filmmakers want is to force the industry to restore the appropriate vaccines. The pharmaceutical companies have stopped production - this speaks for itself and for the facts. The disease that occurs as a result of the combination preparation manifests itself as an isolated autism - children who were completely healthy in their first lifetimes suddenly become ill with it. A computer scientist from the renowned MIT has evaluated the available data. It shows an exponential development. While one in 10,000 children previously fell ill, it is now one in 500. If one calculates the increase in this new type of autism by 2032, every second child would suffer from autism.

I live in a village with around 700 inhabitants. I know of two children who exhibited exactly the phenomena depicted in the film. Suddenly the up to then healthy boys hit their heads against the floor and walls and fell into convulsions. The parents, who actually came up with the idea of ​​a connection with the vaccination themselves through the immediate temporal reference, were fobbed off with reference to genetic causes that had not yet been clarified.

In the meantime, parents are being threatened to comply with their duty to vaccinate; they are portrayed as criminals who act for ideological reasons. The opposite could be true.

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