How can I download Encarta Encyclopedia

Microsoft Encarta 2007 Learning and Knowledge

Hans-Christian Dirscherl

Recommended price: 79.99 euros (59.99 euros for Encarta Professional, slimmed down version for 29.99 euros; no update available), but already cheaper in stores.

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Operating system: Windows XP SP2

Language: German

On the whole, the same thing can be said for Encarta as for the Brockhaus multimedia: Infotainment of the successful kind. The content and structure are very similar to Brockhaus. In addition to the extensive multimedia equipment, there is also, for example, a timeline and an encyclopedia for children, the so-called Encarta-Kids (although to be fair, Microsoft was the first to come onto the market and Brockhaus only released a children's encyclopedia a year later packed for this).

Microsoft-Encarta-2007 is available as "Encarta 2007 Standard" (with 44,000 articles, 2250 multimedia content, 1755 images and Encarta Kids, but without atlas and with significantly less multimedia content), as "Encarta 2007 Encyclopedia" with (50,000 articles, 300 Discovery Channel videos, 2500 audio files, 24,000 images, web companion, dictionaries English-German / German-English, Historama, Encarta Kids) and as "Encarta 2007 Learning and Knowledge" for 79.99 euros (in addition to the functionality of Encarta 2007 encyclopedia still with tools for school and office templates).

The user can keep his Encarta up to date for a year thanks to online updates. Incidentally, the monthly updates only update the texts - as is the case with Brockhaus multimedia. The multimedia inventory and the atlas remain unchanged.

If you have "Learning and Knowledge 2007" and have registered under your Hotmail account, you can also use the MSN Encarta Premium online service free of charge until October 2007. Then, according to Microsoft, 45,000 articles, 25,000 images and multimedia files as well as the atlas, dictionaries and aids for school are available via the Internet.

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