How to become an NBA Commentator

DAZN is looking for a new NBA commentator

The new NBA season is in the starting blocks. And DAZN is also entering the second season with the best basketball league in the world. Again there will be over 200 games, including an all-star weekend, playoffs, the complete conference finals and finals. In addition - as you are used to - a live game for free every Sunday on DAZN is now looking for a new commentator for these events.

The search will take place in the form of a casting. Anyone can comment on the almost five-minute excerpt from Game 4 of the 2017 NBA Finals (click here for the Youtube link) between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors. Please send this to the following e-mail address, for example via weTransfer: [email protected] (The audio file is also sufficient). The deadline for this is Friday, September 29th, 2017.

The DAZN editorial team will then select their favorites by Friday, October 6th and notify them by email. Another test comment follows under live conditions at the DAZN headquarters in Ismaning near Munich (any travel and accommodation costs are not covered).

We spoke to DAZN commentator Alexander Schl├╝ter about his job and the upcoming casting.

Alex, you've been commenting on the NBA finals for the past two years. What are your most defining memories of these games?

The first thing that shoots in my head is Lebron, who kneels crying on the hall floor after winning the Oracle Arena in 2016, which still gives goose bumps today. This year it was certainly the impressive appearances of the Warriors at the beginning of the series.

Being able to comment on the games is great in itself. From a purely sports journalistic point of view, this is ultimately the ultimate in basketball. But despite all the professionalism, you still remain an NBA fan and from that point of view it was all even more intense.

Has it always been your professional dream to become a commentator?

At least this dream had been around for a long time. When I was old enough to check that it would never be enough for a professional career in the field, commenting was my greatest wish. The fact that everything went so well in the end and that I can now call this dream a job is of course fantastic.

You have been doing this job for a few years now. What is important to you if you want to do this job well?

Because there is no one silver bullet when it comes to commenting, it is all the more important that everyone goes their own way. Staying authentic, not pretending to be just because a microphone is hanging in front of your nose, I think that's extremely important. In my opinion, what every good commentator absolutely needs is a passion for sport. If it isn't there, the viewer will feel it sooner or later.

Of course, there are also hard skills that you shouldn't ignore despite all your passion. It starts with diligent game preparation and ends with the post-processing of the broadcast.

At DAZN you will now expand your team of commentators, a casting is pending. Do you have any other good tips for everyone who wants to participate?

As I said: stay with yourself! Also, make sure you have the timing right. This means that, for example, the additional information and stories about players and coaches have to come at the right moment. If an important scene happens on the field, then the comment should be "on the ball". This is sometimes not that easy in basketball because there is a lot more "scoring action" than in soccer. Short, concise information is the key. And then of course it has to come across that the boys and girls on the microphone are real NBA fans and connoisseurs. But I'm not really worried about that.