Why is there a Michael Jordan statue

Jumpman - The 13 Most Exciting Facts About Michael Jordan!

Michael Jordan aka Jumpman and the brand Nike Air Jordan have an interesting history. We have brought together the most exciting facts about Michael Jordan for you: Do you know all the facts?

Michael Jordan is not just a legend on the court! Find out everything about the Jumpman:

It was a long way to go before the Jordan brand conquered the world, which was built around the standing of arguably the greatest basketball player of all time. And every long way always has a few curves to take. From Converse to the desire to sponsor adidas for your own brand!

1. Three Stripes Jordan

It's hard to believe, but before Michael Jordan closed his Nike deal he was an advertised adidas fan. Nowadays, it's unfathomable to believe that a clothing or lifestyle brand would have said no to Michael Jordan. At the time Adidas turned down Jordan, they only wanted to sponsor NBA stars who were over six feet tall. The Jumpman was simply 2cm too small ... A decision that should take revenge.

2. No Swoosh

When the Jordan II hit the scene in 1986, it wasn't wearing the famous one Nike Swoosh on the website. For the first time a Nike sneakers Released without this iconic feature. A risky move. But also one that should go down in history.

3. Thank you, Tinker!

Michael Jordan's contract wasn't very dated at the beginning, and at the time it wasn't clear how big and important it would be for Nike and for the sport in general. In 1988 there should be a contract extension, at least one hoped on the part of Nike. His Airness, on the other hand, wasn't really enthusiastic. First a young designer named Tinker Hatfield and his ideas for the Air Jordan 3 convinced Michael Jordan to stay. The rest is history. And friendship.

4. The story of the Concord XI

Maybe Tinker should have approached it a little differently, but looking back it was an unwanted but great marketing move: Excited to show Michael his design of the Jordan 11, Tinker brought a sample of the newly designed shoe straight to the playoff game the Bulls in the 94/95 season. Michael was so enthusiastic that he immediately pulled the shoe to his foot and completely taken Tinker by surprise, after all, the shoe was neither finally produced nor given the nod by the boardroom. But not interested. When Jordan held the shoe up to the television cameras out of sheer joy, the Concord XI was over. The release months later was accordingly eagerly awaited and fiercely contested. Looks familiar, doesn't it?

5. Nike x Jordan Brand

Up until the Jordan XIII, which appeared in 1997, all Michael Jordan Signature models ran under the Nike brand. Only with the “He Got Game” was the model line to become an independent brand and to expand beyond the shoes of its star and namesake.

6. Statue of Jumpman

The famous bronze statue of Michael Jordan, named "The Spirit", was unveiled on November 1, 1994 outside the gates of Chicago's United Center. The 3.7m tall statue wears the Nike Air Jordan 9 on its feet.

7. Banned

It is a marketing move by Nike when they said in 1985 that the black and red colorway of the Air Jordan 1, better known as Bred, had been banned by the NBA because the colors were against the regulations. This was true, but Jordan didn't wear the Bred at all on-court until the all-star weekend and the dunk contest. This was the Air Ship, a shoe that, admittedly, looks similar to the Air Jordan 1. The rest was smart marketing.

8. Pizza vs. Jumpman

The so-called "Flu Game" was to become one of Jumpman's most important games. It was the fifth game in the Bulls' final series against the Utah Jazz. MJ scored 38 points, took the win, and nearly passed out in Scottie Pippen's arms. But according to Tim Grover, Michael's personal trainer at the time, it wasn't the flu that threatened Michael's health, but a pizza:

"Yes, 100 percent poisoned for (" The Flu Game "). Everyone called it a ‘Flu Game,’ but we sat there and we were in the room, we were in Park City, Utah, up in a hotel. Room service stopped at like nine o’clock. And he got hungry, and we really couldn't find any other place to eat so we ordered ... I said, 'Hey, the only thing I could find is a pizza place.' He said, 'All right, order pizza.' We had been there for a while, so everybody knows what hotel ... Everybody kind of knew where we were staying. So we order a pizza, they come to deliver it, five guys come to deliver this pizza… I said, ‘I got a bad feeling about this.’… Out of everybody in the room, he was the only one that ate. Nobody else ... then two o’clock in the morning, I get a call to my room. I come to the room, he's curled up in the fetal position ... Immediately I said, "It's food poisoning." Guaranteed. Not the flu. "

9. One last time in the upper floor

While cleaning, Michael Jordan finds an OG pair of the legendary Air Jordan 1 “Chicago” colorway. And what does he do? In the game against the New York Knicks on March 8, 1998, he decided to unpack the Air Jordan 1 OG aka Chicago. Although his feet had grown a size over the years, this should not prevent the Jumpman from scoring 47 points, 8 rebounds, 6 assists and 3 steals in his first shoe and last game. G.O.A.T.

10. Jumpman Johnson

Michael Jordan's nickname in high school was "Magic". But it was already occupied later ...

11. The colors of the devil

Michael Jordan's first reaction to the Air Jordan 1:

"I can't wear that shoe, those are the Devil colors.

Michael Jordan

12. Michael Jordan donates his salary to 9/11 victims

During the time of the 9/11 attacks, Michael Jordan played for the Washington Wizards - he donated his entire annual salary to victims of the attacks! The first $ 100,000 went directly to children who lost their parents.

13. MJ didn't make the high school team!

Michael Jordan didn't have an easy path into the NBA. When he was in high school, he originally wanted to follow in his father's footsteps and play baseball. Then he fell in love with basketball. As a sophomore, Jordan tried to get into the high school team - the coaches told him he was too short at 1.80 meters.

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