What was Isaac Asimov's greatest achievement

What Isaac Asimov predicted about 2019

In addition to looking into the future, it is always exciting to look at what was predicted in the past. Science fiction writer Isaac Asimov wrote such a text in 1983. 35 years after Orwell's “1984”, he has recorded his prognoses for the future in another 35 years, that is for 2019.

Asimov dealt with three things: nuclear war, computerization and the use of space. He said only a few words on the nuclear threat: "If the United States and the Soviet Union beat each other up by 2019, there is absolutely no point in discussing what life will be like this year." Fortunately, he was right.

However, the assumption that humanity would use space more intensively today - including a mine on the moon and a number of new space stations - has not been fulfilled.

Job killer "computerization"

Most interesting are Asimov's predictions about computerization. For example, he foresaw the painful effects that what we know as digitization would have on the labor market - among other things, because more and more robots would be used. Indeed: Critics continue to warn that digitization is destroying traditional jobs, while others think that it will also create new jobs at the same time. Incidentally, Isaac Asimov also believed in this in 1983.

As in Asimov's “Me, the Robot”: Planet Knowledge of Human Looking Robots

In general, Asimov has an optimistic attitude that also led to misconceptions. Asimov assumed, for example, that schools would still exist today - but that teachers couldn't do much more than instill a curiosity about learning in students, which they would then quench at home on the computer. Learning would be fun. We all know that nothing came of it - except for the network, which enables us to study at home.

Waste of resources

Above all, however, Asimov became a pessimist on one topic - and this section in particular made me swallow while reading: Asimov foresaw the problems industrialization and digitization of our environment would cause. How people would irresponsibly waste the planet's resources. Asimov was hoping for technological progress here, too, but in fact sustainability in the tech industry is a topic that we still rarely talk about.

Isaac Asimov's forecast for 2019 can be found on the website of the newspaper “The Star”. It is worthwhile to go through the individual forecasts there.