Indonesia lacks engineers

I have a dream: "I mostly dream of my family in Indonesia, which I miss a lot"

I grew up in a small Indonesian town with few houses and lots of trees. Of course it was nice there, but also boring. I dreamed of going away one day. My uncle has lived in Munich for fifteen years. He works as an engineer and has wanted to bring me to Germany for a long time because he thought that the quality of life is better here. My family was initially against it, but at some point I decided to move anyway. I was seventeen then. And it was a very difficult decision for me. We all cried a lot because I'd never been so far from my family before.

Claudia Emmanuela Santoso

19, grew up in Cirebon, Indonesia. Last November she won the casting show The Voice of Germany. With her song Goodbye it made it into the charts in Europe - and also in Indonesia. She is currently working on new recordings.

My first winter in Munich was so cold that I developed tonsillitis and lost four kilos. It took me a while to get used to Germany. But so many good things have happened to me in the meantime that I feel comfortable here now.

Although I have made many new friends in Germany in the meantime, I mostly dream of my family in Indonesia, which I miss a lot. I dream of my mom, my dad or my sister and sometimes my late grandma. In the dreams we then always talk about everyday things, as if we were all living together in Indonesia again.

I have had music lessons since I was five. My first teacher at the time was amazed because I could immediately chant everything I heard. And some of these Indonesian nursery rhymes are pretty long! So I had been singing for many years when I later, in Germany, with The Voice of Germany participated. The fact that I actually won was like the fulfillment of a big dream, of course.

The night after the final, I only slept an hour and a half because there was a big party afterwards that I stayed at until three in the morning. I had to get up again at five because I was appearing on breakfast television.



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I am attending a college in Munich. Because of my appearances, I unfortunately had a lot of absenteeism there. In times when I am on the road a lot, I sometimes sleep poorly. This is probably where my sleep paralysis comes from: It's like sleeping, but the eyes are open and the brain is awake. You actually feel paralyzed. Very uncomfortable. But if I then breathe deeply, I can free my body from this rigidity.

After I at The Voice of Germany won, I had a lot more to do than before, but I enjoy it. I want to give as many concerts as possible in the next few years - hopefully one day in Indonesia too, so that my whole family can be there.