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New Delhi (dpa) - Because of the dispute about their Italian origins

is the Indian opposition leader Sonia Gandhi as chairwoman of the

Congress party resigned.

She also let herself through the urgent

Ask almost all party leaders to remain in office, do not change their minds.

This was reported by the Indian news agencies on the night of

Tuesday. Gandhi was considered her party's top candidate for the

Parliamentary elections in September and October.

Group leader Sharad Pawar, however, had her aptitude for

Head of government agreed because she was not born in India.

Gandhi (51) then had the party executive on Monday evening

Resignation offered. The party leadership refused and spoke to her

trust out. However, Gandhi did not have several delegations

party spokesman Ajit Jogi said.

Sonia Gandhi is the widow of the murdered former head of government

Rajiv Gandhi. She took Indian citizenship in 1983 and

became chairman of the opposition Congress Party a year ago.

The incumbent Prime Minister's nationalist Hindu party BJP

Atal Behari Vajpayee recently had a campaign against one

“Foreigner” started as head of government.

Pawar, a leader of the Congress Party, joined the

Reasoning at. One must be found among 980 million Indians

who could rule the country, he wrote in a letter


«In these circumstances, my loyalty to the party and compels me

my country to offer my resignation », Gandhi then announced on

Monday with your party in writing. Although the state associations and

almost the entire board condemned Pawar and Gandhi's resignation

refused, she was not dissuaded.

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