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"Idioten" // Start of Germany: April 22, 1999 (cinema) // May 7, 2015 (DVD)

It wasn't the heaviest fare from the Danish director so far, but it was more than confusing. On the one hand, the film contains from Lars from Trier interesting ideas, on the other hand I couldn't bring myself to look at the strip in a relaxed and relaxed manner. During the 117 minutes of running time, my state of mind fluctuated between total rejection and pleasing scenes where I even had to laugh out loud.

The idea behind the story is basically very simple: A group of young people pretend to be mentally handicapped in order, to put it simply, to isolate themselves from normal bourgeois life. It even goes so far that the group around Stoffer (Jens Albinus) For example, visits factories, goes on excursions into the countryside with their minibuses marked as transport for the disabled or sells self-made Christmas decorations in the neighborhood for a good cause - namely their “disabled people's association”. One day the visibly confused Karen (Bodil Jørgensen) on the group. At first she doesn't think the farce is okay at all and accuses the swindlers of mocking the really disabled person, but soon she discovers that there is a little idiot in her too. The quarter of the "gang of idiots" is an empty house that belongs to Stoffer's uncle and is actually for sale. Potential buyers are immediately pissed off, however. Not much needs to be done: It is enough to be an idiot, to play a mentally handicapped person and the interested people flee at the latest when you tell them that these people are their future neighbors.

Otherwise it is extremely interesting to observe how people act clumsily when they are confronted with a person with a mental handicap. There is the parish fritz who suggests an immoral but lucrative business deal if the handicapped group should migrate to the next parish or the nervous restaurant owner who sees his business endangered solely by the presence of this "kind of people". However, the group does not dream of giving up or relocating their perverse game until one day Josephine's father (Louise Mieritz) shows up to take his daughter home. After this incident, Stoffer accuses the others of not being really involved and of not taking their role as an idiot seriously. He is of the opinion that this is the only way to escape philistineism. He does not understand what is so great about being a member of a society whose only goal is to constantly expand one's wealth. For him, the citizens of the affluent community in which they are based are nothing more than fascist pigs who have no plan for real life. So to prove that you take it seriously, everyone should play the handicap show at their regular work or with their family, but already with Henrik (Troels Lyby), a teacher, it doesn't work out the way Stoffer imagined.

At first it wasn't easy for me to follow the film, I was too disgusted by the false disabled people. The character Stoffer explains quite early in the film what it's actually about, and if you just put our very human trait of constant judgment aside, you can follow the action very well. In the end, the only thing I found really disturbing was the recordings of the gangbang, as Stoffer calls it. The film represents a project under the flag of Dogma 95 Manifestes and accordingly the film was recorded in a minimalist way. The actors all play their roles convincingly and that is the main thing here. I leave it open whether the characters in the film choose the right form for social criticism, but one would make a gross mistake if one were to accuse Lars von Trier of disrespect for disabled people. On the contrary, I even dare to say that the strip expresses its solidarity with precisely this part of our modern and apparently civilized society. As the saying goes, there is a balancing act between genius and madness. Whether Lars von Trier slipped here is probably in the eye of the beholder ...


OT: "Idiot"
Country: Denmark
Year: 1998
Director: Lars from Trier
Script: Lars from Trier
Camera: Lars from Trier
Occupation: Bodil Jørgensen, Jens Albinus, Anne Louise Hassing, Troels Lyby, Nikolaj Lie Kaas, Louise Mieritz


Film awards
Cannes1998Golden palmnomination
European film award1998Best scriptLars from Triernomination
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