What are the DB restrictions

Corona and train: tickets, goodwill and hygiene rules

Hygiene, ticket controls, expired tickets, on-board catering: This is how Corona restrictions affect train travel.

  • Fewer reservable places for more distance

  • Occupancy display should prevent full trains, hygiene measures are strengthened

  • On-board catering and lounges closed during lockdown

As in all areas of public life, the hygiene rules issued by the Robert Koch Institute also apply to rail travel in buses and trains, including Maintain a minimum distance, regular Wash your hands and in the Sneeze in the crook of your armor cough.

Deutsche Bahn * strongly recommends passengers on the train and on platforms basically FFP2 masks to wear. The law prescribes the FFP2 masks as part of the "Federal Emergency Brake" (7-day incidence over 100). Masks based on an equivalent standard (KN95 or N95) are also permitted. In addition, the regulations of the federal states * apply.

The Mask controls on long-distance trains have been intensified. If a passenger repeatedly fails to comply with the mask requirement, he or she can be excluded from carriage; the Federal Police should regulate this in conflict situations. Those who cannot wear a mask for medical reasons are not obliged to do so. The train crew is entitled to ask for a certificate.

Information about current connections

Information on connections, restrictions and timetable adjustments in regional or long-distance transport as well as bus and train tickets or the BahnCard are available contactless via the online service of Deutsche Bahn * or using the "DB Navigator" app. There you can also read all the latest news.

The cross-border rail traffic is currently restricted. Travelers should find out about the connections before starting their journey, advises Deutsche Bahn *. There could be a reduction in the number of daily trips. Tickets for canceled connections can be rebooked on the operating trains or returned free of charge.

More distance through seat reservation

Deutsche Bahn is providing until further notice during the lockdown around 85 percent of the regular seating available. Are at the same time only 60 percent of all seats on long-distance trains can be reserved - Usually only all window seats, most of the aisle seats are blocked in the reservation system. In seating groups with a table, only the diagonally opposite seats can be reserved. Two seats can still be reserved in compartments.

For customers traveling together areas are provided in both 1st and 2nd carriage class in which adjacent seats can be reserved. All reservable seats can still be selected using the graphic seat reservation on the Deutsche Bahn website or in the DB Navigator app.

The railway advises you to click through all the wagons of a train in order to find free, connected seats. Families generally together in compartments It is not possible to let travel because the long-distance transport fleet consists of different types of trains. In contrast to earlier ICE trains, the ICE 4 no longer had any regular compartments apart from toddler compartments.

For all long-distance journeys, Deutsche Bahn recommends basically a seat reservation. In general, the reservation restrictions should apply as long as the infection process requires it.

A Reservation requirement however, is not currently planned. According to Deutsche Bahn, customers should continue to have the option of spontaneously boarding every train.

No longer bookable when the occupancy rate is high

Through theUtilization indicator customers can see how full a long-distance train is likely to be on the Deutsche Bahn website and in the DB Navigator app. This is a forecast based on the historical occupancy values ​​and the bookings already received, which is regularly adjusted to the current status until departure.

From an anticipated Utilization of more than half the connections are specially marked for the seating capacity. If the occupancy rate is even higher, the railway will block the booking. More information on reservations and occupancy display at Deutsche Bahn *

DB advises passengers when buying tickets not just the fastest connection to consider. Those who are willing to plan a little more time or accept an additional switch often benefit from less full trains. At the ticket machine, on the website of the railway and in the DB Navigator app, you can deactivate the search for the fastest connection under "Connection information" and yourself Show alternatives to let.

The DB travel centers have opened nationwide. Plexiglass panes on the switches protect against Droplet infection, in the queues the Minimum distance of 1.5 meters.

Ticket control on the train in Corona times

On the train, the ticket is checked for both local and long-distance traffic contactless. That means: only on sight and by scan. Passengers show their smartphones with the digital ticket in the DB Navigator app or a printed paper ticket. With the function of the Comfort check-in With the DB Navigator app or online, you can also completely save yourself the ticket check.

Entry from risk areas

Even passengers traveling on Deutsche Bahn trains from one Corona risk area enter Germany are obliged to contact details and to store information about the trip. On the website of the railway * passengers can find information on digital entry registration *.

Lockdown: Take-away meals in the bistro

They are like other catering establishments On-board restaurants in the coming weeks during the lockdown in Germany Not open. The "on-site service" and the distribution of gifts for guests are temporarily suspended. The lounges on the train will also be closed. However, take-away food and drinks are available on the trains via the On-board bistros still available, The railway has stopped serving alcohol.

The DB lounges are in 15 major train stations in Germany reopened to wait. Due to official requirements, however, no food and drinks will be served until further notice, and the consumption of food and drinks that you have brought with you is not permitted. More information about the DB Lounges *

Because of Corona: more hygiene on the trains

In order to keep the risk of infection in trains and stations as low as possible, Deutsche Bahn has increased the number of Cleaning staff increased. Like the passengers, they wear mouth and nose protection, gloves and disinfectants are also available.

On the trains, they clean stationary and on the go Toilets, handrails, door handles and levers as well as at the train stations Ticket and snack machines. They also regularly refill soap and disinfectant dispensers in trains, service centers and washrooms.

At 20 major train stations in Germany you can washroomsfree can be used, which are located in front of the payment barriers to the toilet facilities, in order to enable passengers to wash their hands more frequently.

On-site service: At your ADAC branch

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Ticket cancellation: Regular conditions again

The possibility of flexible use for tickets that Purchased by March 13, 2020 has expired. Since November 1, 2020, the tariff cancellation conditions of the booked offer. A refund of tickets that have not been used by October 31, 2020 is not possible, according to the railway. The submission deadline for converting tickets into vouchers ended on June 30, 2020. All vouchers issued are valid for three years.

In the last few months, as part of the Corona special offer, Deutsche Bahn had made it possible to cancel and use around 5 million trips flexibly. Under the now applicable regular tariff conditions are both the Flex prices as well as saver prices can be canceled. Tickets to Super saver price are however from exchange and cancellation locked out. Deutsche Bahn recommends booking a cancelable offer.

Offers for children

Children traveling alone without parents can get throughpedagogically trained staff the station mission. However, these offers will not be available during the lockdown. Here you can find information about the Kids on Tour * service. Childcare in the ICE * is also paused until further notice due to the corona situation.

Coronavirus: Travelers have these rights

  • What do I have to consider if I book a trip despite Corona?

  • Can I also cancel a trip within Germany free of charge?

  • Do you get the money back for events that do not take place?

Here you will find answers to these and many other legal questions about the coronavirus.

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