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20th week of pregnancy - ancient reflexes

Muscles, ligaments and joints are more stressed by the small baby belly. As a result, everyday life is more bothering you than usual. Treat yourself to regular breaks.

In the 20th week of pregnancy, the fetus is about 25 cm tall. It weighs around 300 g.
Even if your belly is not yet spherical, you will notice it in the 20th week of pregnancy (i.e. 19 + 0 to 19 + 6) additional stress from the baby. It takes a lot more effort to be on your feet all day. Muscles, ligaments and joints are put under greater strain, and so too The spine is pushed harder. That causes the Back pain in pregnancy. Therefore do not torment yourself unnecessarily and indulge yourselfregular breaks - even while working.

To relieve your back, you should do it in good time Maternity bras switch. Your breasts have grown a lot and are no longer adequately supported by old bras. You won't fit properly in your pants either. High time for a new wardrobe. Let yourself be best advised which maternity wear is best for you now. Tip: Leggings are never wrong!

The baby in the 20th week of pregnancy: clever little head

Your baby's brain is now doing amazing things: up to 200,000 new brain cells are formed every minute. There will be over 100 billion cells by the time we are born. Of course that means that too Your baby's interest in their environment increases. Everything is explored. The fetus likes to grab the umbilical cord courageously.

The reason that your baby is now so active has an evolutionary history: Because already now comes a ancient reflex to wear, which starts with the birth of the offspring. The exercise program is intended to prepare the baby so that it can crawl from the mother's stomach to the breast after birth, which is known as the "breast crawl".

Your child's eyes are still closed, but they can already distinguish between light and dark - and are sometimes sensitive to light that is too bright. Because his eyelids are still transparent and do not yet offer good protection from light. Because of this, it can happen that the baby turns away if there is too much light or holds its little fist in front of its eyes.

Your baby now weighs 300 grams and measures 25 centimeters. By the end of the second trimester - around the 28th week of pregnancy - it will have almost tripled its weight.

Tips for the 20th week of pregnancy: The fundus stand

With everyone Medical check-up the doctor or midwife feels the Fundus stand - the upper arched part of the uterus. It used to be the most important indicator in pregnancy. Even today it is still a good indicator of whether the pregnancy is going well.

At the beginning the fundus is just above the pubic bone, by the end of the pregnancy it will have migrated to just below the breastbone. In the 20th week of pregnancy, the fundus is about three transverse fingers below the navel.

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