Are there Gili Islands in Bali

Gili Islands

The Gili Islands are a group of islands north-east of Bali near Lombok. These are particularly popular with backpackers and young tourists and offer a turquoise blue sea with a white sandy beach. Everything you need to know about the islands of Trawangan, Meno and Air can be found in the following article.

Gili Trawangan

The main island and at the same time the largest of the three islands is Gili Trawangan. The island can now also be seen more often on German television, which is currently increasing the number of visitors. According to media reports, the price of a property has increased twentyfold in the last ten years. When we were on Trawangan for the first time (2005), the coast was built up with around 30 hotels and resorts. Today there is loud around 150 different hotels. Wow what a boom. On the one hand, more tourists have the opportunity to experience the wonderful Gilis, on the other hand they lose their flair from day to day.

The number of tourists is still unbroken. Most vacationers are globetrotters who explore the world and tourist pioneer of tourism in Indonesia are. The tourists are diverse and very international. Most vacationers are Germans, English, French and Australians, with the number of Russian and Asian (China, Japan, Korea) visitors increasing every day. Please also consider that there are little to no public facilities on Trawangan. That means no police and no hospitals!


Gili-Meno is the smallest of the Gili Islands in terms of area coverage and can also be recommended for a trip. Generally speaking, there are far fewer tourists here than on the other islands. Whereby relaxation and complete switching off and relaxation are the order of the day. On Meno, too, snorkeling is one of the top highlights that every tourist should do.


Also Gili Air is gorgeous and always worth a visit. Most of the locals live here, but tourists are also well catered for. The infrastructure is very similar to Gili-Meno. In terms of infrastructure and tourists, it can be said that Gili-Air is the middle of Trawangan and Air.

Arrival to the Gili Islands (speedboat, ferry, boat)

The journey to the Gili Islands used to be a real adventure. In the past, vacationers were brought to the east coast of Bali and from there by ferry to the neighboring island of Lombok. From here with a minibus to the north coast. In the twilight until late at night, a small fishing boat (without lights) crossed the open sea to Gili-Trawangan. A jetty was nowhere to be seen, and so it happened that you had to hop straight from the boat onto the sand. The journey back then took 14 hours. (Departure 6.30 a.m. and arrival 9.00 p.m.).

Today it's much easier and more convenient. Anyone who has booked a hotel in advance via the Internet should go to Ask the hotel for a pick-up. Transport by speedboat is often possible. If this is not the case, you will find many options for transport by speedboat in Bali. The prices vary according to the starting point. We would be happy to help you with this. You can find a suitable one here offer.

Overnight on the Gili Islands

The number and quality of hotels and accommodations is increasing (as mentioned above) from year to year. While all hotels had "salt water showers" years ago, there are now hotels that offer fresh water showers. A good hotel which we would like to recommend are the Samba villas which is operated by a German owner.

Popular activities in the Gili Islands

For those who are on vacation on the Gili Islands, we have summarized important to-do's here, because he is usually not an ordinary tourist, but rather an adventurer who wants to experience a lot. Those who come here know how to enjoy life and that is easy to do on the Gilis. Enjoy life, let yourself go and switch off completely. Away from everyday work and towards pure joie de vivre. If you still want to do something and experience something, go:

Circumnavigation by carriage: Go on a little voyage of discovery and circle Gili-Trawangan. It takes about 45 minutes on foot. Those who are a little more comfortable are one of the numerous horse-drawn carriages that are waiting for customers everywhere.

Surfing: Not possible everywhere, but still very popular. You can find suitable spots in the southeast of Trawangan.

Nightlife: There is also a lot to do in the evening, if you want to go out there are plenty of opportunities on Gili-Trawangan. We particularly recommend: Blue Marlin and Tir Na Nog. From local live music to a disco feeling, there is something for every taste.

Water sports: Snorkeling is as much a part of the Gili Islands as the amen in the church. The background: The main source of income for the locals before the tourists was fishing, which caused them to destroy a lot of corals, especially near the coast, which has now been narrowed down. Nevertheless, you will experience a fascinating underwater world around the Gili Islands. Probably the most popular way (besides “chilling”) to spend here. The right equipment (glasses and snorkel) can be borrowed at every corner for a few rupiah. There are enough places for snorkeling.

Horse riding: Just the thing for lovers! Ride along the promenade. Especially at sunset it is very romantic for couples.

Eating out and bars: You don't need to worry about daily supplies. On TripAdvisor we meanwhile over 70 restaurants & bars found where to eat and drink. No wonder with this boom! In addition: Many travel here backpacking, most of whom come from Thailand and want to lie quietly in a sun lounger for a few more days. The local cuisine is mostly very good, but you won't find a 5 star restaurant. Pizza is by far the most popular dish.

  • Pizzeria Regina: Great pizzeria in a quiet location
  • La-Dolce-Vita: Must visit in the Islands, Top Bar
  • The Roast House: For couples who like meat