Is GIM good for marketing

GIM - Society for Innovative
Market research

Ex-employee or workerWorked in the administration / administration department at GIM - Society for Innovative Market Research in Heidelberg.

Suggestions for improvement

The HR body should be reconsidered
Analysis of employee strengths and targeted support
Develop / train leadership skills

Working atmosphere

Great colleagues who support each other. However, there are also high demands and project pressure.


Good external image, as everything is made possible for the customer (sometimes at the expense of the employees)
Good dealings with suppliers and the self-employed.

Work-life balance

Little predictability, depending on the project business
Reduction of plus hours, increase of minus hours possible.

Career / further education

Unfortunately, there has been little proactive training on offer in recent years. Self-initiative is required here, but it is not always rewarded. Corona made it even more difficult.

Salary / social benefits

Made more difficult by a committee that does not use any transparent criteria for promotion / salary increase and does not come into direct contact with the applicant.

Environmental / social awareness

Own projects / team for sustainability / environment

Cohesion of colleagues

Helpful, great colleagues!

Dealing with older colleagues

Generally good interaction with one another

Managerial behavior

Superiors can hand over responsibility for salary reviews / promotions through the HR committee. This leads to a lack of self-determination and (felt) low esteem on the employee side. A lack of training and further development of the superiors leads to different leadership skills. The team leader level has led to improvement as they are closer to the grassroots and have been trained.

working conditions

Great offices, but the technical equipment could be better.


Lack of transparency or late communication when making important decisions at management level.
There is usually a good exchange and sufficient communication in the team.

equal rights

Male colleagues climb the career / salary ladder significantly faster / more often.

Interesting tasks

Very varied topics and tasks. However, a lack of strengths and weaknesses analysis, so that some are overwhelmed or under-challenged.