What are the capabilities of data structures

Data structures and algorithms (SS 2021)

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Important information about the practice

Two admission requirements have to be met for the written exam. On the one hand, you must achieve at least 50% of the achievable points in the submissions that appear weekly and are to be submitted in the tutorials. Furthermore, at least 50% of the points must be achieved in the weekly face-to-face exercises. If you take the lecture in a course that is not computer science, these admission requirements may not apply to you. Please check your subject-specific examination regulations and, if in doubt, contact the academic advisor responsible for you.


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The lecture introduces basic data structures and algorithms. On the one hand, a catalog of important algorithms is presented in detail, whereby emphasis is placed on the intuitive understanding of the algorithm, the formal evidence of its correctness and on the analysis of its running time and the use of other resources. On the other hand, general techniques for designing new data structures and algorithms are presented.

After enjoying this lecture, the following important knowledge should have been acquired: The ability to select and implement a data structure suitable for a problem from a large catalog. Active, detailed knowledge of the most important algorithms and data structures as well as the ability to find suitable algorithms in the literature. Independent design and analysis of new data structures and algorithms using the most important design techniques.

A rough overview of the content looks like this:

  • introduction
  • Search
  • sort by
  • Graph algorithms
  • Design paradigms
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