Why does my anus itch

Anal itching (pruritus ani)

As Pruritus ani (Pruritus: from lat. prurire, dt. itch;ani: from anus, dt. anus) is an itchy feeling in the anus. One also speaks of anus itching or anogential pruritus. The most common cause is enlarged hemorrhoids (piles). The affected patients complain of a recurring or even permanent, often excruciating itching. This can occur especially at night and deprive the patient of sleep.

The itching of the anus can have a variety of causes:

The most common cause is a irritative-toxic anal eczema (syn. toxic contact dermatitis, irritative contact eczema). In the vast majority of cases, enlarged hemorrhoids are the reason for the development of such eczema. Anal pruritus (pruritus ani) is one of the main symptoms of hemorrhoidal disease.

In addition, there are additional triggers for such eczema in the anus region, for example, profuse sweating in the anus region in the case of overweight, over-acidic bowel movements or inadequate as well as incorrect or exaggerated anal hygiene. Furthermore, a relative sphincter weakness, maceration (lat.macerare "soak")due to skin tags, rectal inflammation (proctitis), abscesses / fistulas in the anal area or genital warts (condylomata acuminata) irritate the very sensitive anal region.

Itching in the anus region is also the predominant symptom of perianal localized psoriasis. This can only occur in the anus and not in other parts of the body. The symptoms of the skin are very different from symptoms of psoriasis in other parts of the body. One speaks of one Inverse psoriasis.

Another possible eczema in the anus region is that atopic anal eczema.

Other causes of pruritus ani:

However, anal itching can also be caused by a fungal attack (mycosis) in the region or other specific skin diseases.

Oxyuriasis (pinworms - from the Greek Enterobius vermicularis syn. Oxyuris vermicularis).The itching typically occurs at night.

One is not very rare psychogenic pruritus (usually exclusion diagnosis in the absence of a recognizable cause).