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What is the RNG reporter? Why do the Pokémon have to be at level 50? Why do we want a delay value of 639? Is there a connection to the Pokémon you want to catch, if so, which one? What exactly happens / do you have to do when you have reached the said delay value? None of this becomes clear and confused at all. Oh yes, and sources would be desirable .-- Afraeldiscussion 13:06, Mar 8 2010 (CET)

I hope everything is now to your satisfaction.(The foregoing Notsigned post comes from: Zerrwelt-Giratina • Discussion • Contributions • Block)
Yep, thank you - Afraeldiscussion 10:14 p.m., 9 Mar. 2010 (CET)

such cheat garbage does not belong in the wiki (The foregoing Notsigned post comes from: Bart • Discussion • Posts • Block)

This is not cheating (see page, I fixed them for that matter) (The foregoing Notsigned post comes from: Zerrwelt-Giratina • Discussion • Contributions • Block)

Yes, that's cheat garbage. You can try to talk about the matter nicely, but it is still an interference in the game, even if some do not want to admit it. It's exactly the same nonsense as cloning, because you do something completely outside the game, which is not planned to work at all, whereby you try to catch a real moment, for which you first have to get a "feel". What you don't understand: Just trying to take advantage of something that is not officially part of the game's content is shit. Anyone who does not see this is already completely blind. So this shit here has to be completely destroyed. Before anyone else gets hurt. By harm I mean the sick idea of ​​trying this out. I am therefore in favor of an urgent request for deletion. Or at least any explanation from the article must be deleted and removed, because we are not here at But then you can shred the article entirely. --Greeting, SaganabyssBy asking 02:28, Jul 31, 2010 (CEST)

↑ I simply agree with that. --Buoysel 3:11 am, Jul 31, 2010 (CEST)

An indirect intervention in the game, right? Someday something had to happen. The Pokemon and their DVs are not generated by hand or by chance. Besides, I think there is nothing to do with gaming tips, and the sources like the BisaBoard, which I also come from, are very serious and just as hostile to cheating as you are. Distorted World Giratina

It took you 9 months for that? To write that? Awesome, I would say. In addition, Buoysel, the boss of everything here, said yes and still did not delete the article, so you can at least answer a little nicer, especially after 9 months. Dusk(Talk | A) 18:34, Feb. 12, 2011 (CET)

Let's put it this way: I just lazed around too. I didn't mean it that unfriendly. Sry about it. And thanks to Buoysel. And one more thing: You could just as easily say that we shouldn't include any pages about cheat modules. We have anyway. = / So it's okay to have something in here; who just want to have good DVs ... Zerrwelt-Giratina

Regarding the order of violence: It is not a question of "cheating" (unless one uses the term to make a dogma out of all things that do not suit one, or uses it as an umbrella term.), But of so-called "exploiting" ". This term describes the exploitation of game mechanics in a manner that is not intended, the use of external programs is not included in the term. It differs from "bugusing" in that it exploits a bug in the game mechanics. In order to clarify whether it is exploiting or bugusing, an opinion from the developer is often required. In this case, however, one can say without a doubt that it is an exploit. SimonsToaster (discussion) 18:33, Jul 10, 2013 (CEST)


Regardless of whether the method is allowed / unwanted / forbidden, the quality of the item is pretty poor. In the current state, you could actually do without it, since you will only get confused without external sources or prior knowledge. The first paragraph, which throws a lot of things together, is also bad. An RNG is primarily a technical component of the game in order to calculate semi-random values, which, however, can be reproduced with external programs. I would be here for a brief overview of what the term means and how it relates to the games, but to remove the "instructions" (you can find much more detailed information by simply Googleing it) Nekaida 19:57, Jul 17, 2012 (CEST)

Just do something about the poor quality of the article by improving it. greetingMath godDiscusKLP 23:01, Jul 17, 2012 (CEST)