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While in the southern states there is constant debate about who can now call himself the "King of the South", Lil Wayne honestly doesn't care: With the career of the rap superstar, who is also an aspiring businessman and student of psychology ( at the University of Houston), things have been climbing so steeply for a number of years that he has long since ceased to be interested in such debates. “I've been in the rap business for so long,” he adds, “that basically I don't have to prove myself anymore. In addition, I don't have to make big speeches because you can hear in my songs where I am as a musician. In the new pieces you can see how much I have developed in recent years. "
Indeed, “Tha Carter III,” the highly anticipated sixth solo album by Dwayne Michael Carter, so Lil Wayne bourgeois, is not only a new Southern masterpiece, but also the triumphant conclusion of the “Tha Carter” trilogy that the Rapper from the Young Money / Cash Money camp started in 2004. Once again, “Weezy” has all of its opponents in its pocket. The others can debate as much as they want.

“Tha Carter III” is his first solo album since the second part in 2005. Already the first single “Lollipop” (featuring Static) makes it clear that Wayne is taking the final part to the next level: The track produced by Jim Jonsin (including TI, T-Pain, Twista) and Darius “Deezle” Harrison (Teena Marie, Destiny's Child) has been running at full speed on US radio for weeks. “A lot of people are waiting for the new album, but that made me give myself more time and work on the tracks until the last detail was perfect. I wanted to record an album that you won't forget anytime soon. "
While the US magazines XXL, Vibe, The Source and Complex declared the upcoming LP to be the most important release of 2008 in advance, the 25-year-old was recently voted “Man of the Year” by GQ Magazine, and the Blender editorial team even went so far as to call him “Best Rock Star Alive”! Repeatedly nominated for Grammy Awards, with BET Awards and honored at the VMAs, only his visitor statistics on MySpace are even more impressive: With almost 90 million profile views, the hottest artist on MySpace should soon land in the 9-digit range!

Lil Wayne was born in 1982 in the infamous 17th Ward, part of Hollygrove, New Orleans. Even as a little boy he heard the sound of cash money rappers like Pimp Daddy and U.N.L.V. A few years later, Wayne met the two CEOs of Cash Money, Ronald “Slim” and Bryan “Baby” Williams (who is just about to present his third solo album as Birdman), who took him under their wing. Lil Wayne was just 12 years old when he made his debut performance on "True Story," an LP by B.G. in 1995. Since then he has not been stopped.

Two years later, the rap prodigy founded together with Juvenile, Young Turk and B.G. the rap combo Hot Boys to release the groundbreaking album Get It How U Live, which hit like a bomb outside the southern states. With “Guerilla Warfare” (1998) and “Let 'Em Burn” (2003) the Hot Boys lived up to their name again; In addition, in 2000 they received a “Source Award” in the “Group of the Year” category.

In 1999, Wayne, who was just 16 years old, started his solo career: "Tha Block Is Hot" was the title of his solo debut, which, in addition to selling platinum and first place in the Billboard charts, was nominated for "Best New Artist" in the same year. at the "Source Awards". Just a year later it was called “Lights Out”, followed by the albums “500 Degreez” (2002) and finally “Tha Carter” from 2004, which was also the first LP in the trilogy that Wayne has recently come to an impressive end brings. While the first three albums had already shown that he had a great southern talent slumbering, “Tha Carter” marked the beginning of a new era: From now on, Lil Wayne was one of the great players in the hip-hop business.

"Tha Carter II" from 2005, which was hailed as a "historic release" by the New York Times, entered the US album charts in second place in its first week of sales. This was followed by the album “Like Father, Like Son” (2006), recorded with Birdman, as well as collaborations with around 40 other rap artists, not to mention his countless mixtapes. Which brings us to the here and now: With “Tha Carter III” Wayne finally presents the grand finale of the trilogy. “I think the third part was my best album to date,” he explains. “I'm a perfectionist, and maybe I'll have to negotiate an extra deal with my label so that we can shoot a video for every single track - that's how damn good the pieces on the new album are! Every song deserves its own film! "

This time, Jay-Z, Hurricane Chris, Juelz Santana, Corey Gunz, Fabolous, Lil Mama, Busta Rhymes, Ludacris, Baby, Tyga, Jibbs, Shanell, Kidd Kidd, Mack Maine and Brisco, while Kanye West are part of the party , Swizz Beatz, Jim Jonsin, The Alchemist and Cool & Dre are on the list of producers. “I love working with other people. I also have the impression that the things I record with other musicians don't end up on the net that quickly. All the collaborations were of course one of the reasons why the new album took a little longer. "

Every child knows that all good things come in threes. With “Tha Carter III”, Lil Wayne confirms this old saying impressively and delivers a record that is already one of the most important rap albums of the year.