Is a Casio FX 991ES programmable

CASIO FX-991ES - approved?

  • Hello,

    maybe someone can tell me.

    Is the Casio FX-991ES approved for the IHK exam?

    I have already asked the IHK, but have not yet received an answer.

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  • Hello Nidoli,
    in short-> if you can preprogram anything with the calculator, it is not allowed.

  • Hey Nidoli,

    According to the IHK's list of resources, a "network-independent, non-communicative pocket calculator" is permitted,
    Yours should be allowed if I can tell at first glance.

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  • Hello Nidoli,

    I see it like Melandru - and how every administrative judge should see it too.


    PS: "Not programmable" should finally be included in the list of resources.

  • At TK-> Isn't it so with not programmable? Otherwise you could also make notes in the formula collection for the calculation. Or am I wrong?

  • Hello Leverage87,

    is just in the list of resources as quoted by Melandru. It cannot be deduced from this that the calculator must not be programmable.

    It would of course make sense to write it in, and I don't know how often I've pointed it out to those responsible. Nothing happens.


  • So I used the fall of '17.