Who are some great beatboxers

In this course we look forward to everyone who is enthusiastic about rhythmTeens from 10 years

the particularly onHip hop music and beat-heavy songs are available

and feel like learning beatboxing or

have already experimented with beatboxing or rap at home

and want to deepen their skills.

Beatboxing turns drum beats into percussion rhythms

and computerBeats only with your mouth imitates.

Beatboxing is one of those Vocal percussion and an element of "hip hop".

Beatboxing can of course also be combined with other styles of music, the more diverse the better.

Beatboxing not only has an immensely language-enhancing effect (speech therapists will confirm this),

but it also strengthens the sense of rhythm extremely.

The highlight for the children is that Loop stationthat combined with microphone and speakers

makes beatboxing even more interesting and makes the sound more present.

In this hour - at the request of the children - also Elements of rap flow in.
The aim is to write and perform one or the other rap in English or German yourself.

The children are taught by a great beatbox professional from the USA.

Age group: from 9 years

Hour unit:50 min.

Group size:max. 8 children

Course duration:1 semester