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About me

Do you have problems with the computer and want to break down your inhibitions with this medium? Do you often feel left alone in handling the computer? You are not familiar with the Internet, Facebook, Twitter and Co.? You do not know which programs (software) make sense for you and you cannot install or set them up? Are you having difficulties placing orders in online shops?

Then you have come to the right place with Netz-passion. Because this is exactly where these computer topics are explained.

In the following you will find out who I am and what awaits you on the Internet.

First, a brief look at my own computer history

My name is Andreas Karstens, I was born in 1964. So, just like you, I also belong to the 50+ generation.

My computer life began in October 1989 with my first IT course (IT = electronic data processing). Until then, the computer was always a book with seven seals to me. Difficult to understand and not to grasp at all.

At that time, however, working on a computer was even more complicated than it is today. At that time you still had to start the programs with the help of a command prompt of the MS-DOS operating system. The screen was a monochrome version, so nothing colorful.

In 1993 I was at war with the modern medium. Programs didn't work the way I wanted them to and I found the subject incredibly complicated. In the meantime, the Windows 3.1 operating system already had a graphical user interface. This made operation much easier.

At the time, I was already bothered by the fact that it was difficult to obtain information on how to use the computer correctly. Mostly it was computer scientists who couldn't explain this difficult subject to me properly or computer freaks (new German nerds) who couldn't get out of the basement.

So I taught myself the things of daily computer life. Even today I keep learning new ways to do it. Time never stands still, especially on the computer.

From December 2004 to March 2017 I was a freelance lecturer specializing in computers. Since then I have been working as an IT supporter.

My clientele included educational institutions, smaller companies and private individuals. In the case of private individuals, it is particularly the 50-plus generation who have taken advantage of my training courses, and the trend is increasing. During these training sessions I sat next to the “student”, listened to his questions and worked out the best strategies on the computer with him to make him better at this medium. I quickly gained the following insight.

Everyone thinks and works differently on the computer, there is no such thing as “this is how it works”!

Accordingly, I design my training courses individually. It makes a big difference whether I'm sitting next to a 50-year-old working woman or an 87-year-old senior citizen. I trained every computer student differently and individually to meet their needs.

Your problems are my job!

Write to me about your problems with the computer and I will solve them on the Internet, I promise. You can easily send me an email.

What is Net Passion about?

On Net-Passion you will receive useful computer tips that are practical for practical use. I am including concrete solutions to questions from my own computer students as well as questions from you as a user. Network passion is rounded off with news, instructions and tips from the world of computers.

To get to a specific computer topic quickly, please use the search function at the top right or click on the category you are looking for in the navigation on the right.

But now have fun and success with my computer tips for the 50+ generation.

Your Andreas Karstens