What if there was no Columbus?


The discovery of America by Christopher Columbus had far-reaching consequences - not only for the "New World". In addition to the European explorers, pathogens brought in from the “Old World” also conquered the new continent - with catastrophic consequences for the indigenous people. The conquistadors redesigned the continent according to their ideas, exploited it with the help of African slaves, introduced new animal and plant species, and cultivated tobacco, coffee, sugar cane and cotton for the domestic markets. But the so-called “Columbian Exchange” was not a one-way street, the discoveries left their mark in Europe too: Cultivated plants such as corn, potatoes and tomatoes changed European landscapes and menus. In addition, the wealth from the colonies brought a golden age to cities like London and Amsterdam. But what if Columbus hadn't discovered America? Should we eat pizza without tomato sauce and sauerbraten without potato dumplings? Would we have to do without Rembrandt's Night Watch in the Amsterdam Rijksmuseum? Would the Aztec Empire still exist today? And would millions of Africans never have been enslaved? Would Manhattan still be called Manna-hata? And would Lenni Lenape's tipis be on Wall Street instead of the New York Stock Exchange? Where would the millions of Europeans who sought and found freedom here in the 19th century have fled?


BOOK & DIRECTOR: Martin Carazo MendezCAMERA: Marc Riemer CUT: Nik Kern MUSIC: Paul RabigerEDITORIAL STAFF: Jean-Christoph Caron (Phoenix)